Chris and Astrini get married!

June 21, 2009

Chris and I had the pleasure of attending one of his good friends wedding in Greece and wow.what a beautiful ceremony‚ The Greek Orthodox service was amazing beautiful, rich in old customs, symbols and culture. I had such a wonderful time and promise to post some more photos of our time in Kalamata soon.

Chris Astrini-1

The Groom waits outside of the church with all the guests for the bride to arrive. He’s holding her bouquet which he will give to her before they go into the church together‚

That’s him smiling as his bride is stepping out of the car.

And here she is, stepping out in style. She was a gorgeous bride and the arrival was very Hollywood and glamorous. Chris Astrini-2Chris Astrini-3

Isn’t she stunning‚ I think Chris would agree. Look at that grin!

Chris Astrini-5Chris Astrini-4

The ceremony began with chanting and singing and the entire thing was in Ancient Greek.

Chris Astrini-7

Chris Astrini-6

Chris Astrini-8

Chris Astrini-10

The priest blessed these crowns and placed them on Chris and Astrini.

Chris Astrini-9

Chris Astrini-12

Chris Astrini-13

Then Astrini’s sister switched the crowns there times back and forth..

Chris Astrini-14

Chris Astrini-15

Chris Astrini-17 Chris Astrini-16

Chris Astrini-20

They are drinking from what is called the common cup.

Chris Astrini-21

Chris Astrini-26

Chris Astrini-27

Then they both walked around the alter three times, taking their first steps as man and wife…walking side by side as they should do through their life together.

Chris Astrini-22

One final blessing.

Chris Astrini-23

And then a kiss of congratulations…

Chris Astrini-24

Thanks guys a million! It was beautiful.