European Road Trips – coming soon…

June 17, 2009

Just a quick teaser to say more photos will be coming soon.

Chris and I left St. Moritz on Tuesday morning to drive the San Bernardino Pass. Then we drove for a long slog to down to Nice, France…

Today we were in Monaco this morning and finished up in Milan, where we will be traveling all day tomorrow to Kalmata Greece (and when I am planning to get some more posts ready to post up here)….

So till the next internet connection is available… a few glimpses of what we have been up to…


For those that watch Top Gear, Chris is in fact really ‘The Stig’…he just left his white suit and helmet at home.DSC_0041-41


Nope, not the San Bernardino Pass yet…just on the way…beautiful eh?



The first part of the Pass….I made Chris walk up the mountain while I drove…just kidding…..nope, I was hanging out the passenger window like before trying to capture some photos of the landscape that was whizzing by….but really I just wanted to feel the wind flapping in my ears…DSC_0277-277


Not bad spending the evening on the French Riviera….DSC_0446-446


Oh, and the next morning we were in Monaco…playing super cars paparazzi….and walking the formula 1 circuit…