Monte Carlo :: Grace Kelly meets Jenson Button

June 27, 2009

Monaco was a must see for Chris, whom is a avid Formula One fan (for those that don‚Äôt know what that its IndyCar for the rest of the world)‚Ķ these are sleek and fast, really fast. With the famous Monaco Grand Prix taking place only three weeks earlier, the tire marks were literally still hot on the road. Chris made us walk the entire race track (and yes, he got to drive parts of it too)..pointing out this turn and that straight. Hilarious that he knew the entire track by heart, which just weaves in and out of the narrow streets through the city. 

Me… I just enjoyed gawking at the abundant opulence. Glitz and glam like I have never seen it before There were more fancy Italian cars than I have ever seen in my life (not that I really knew what I was looking at…but that doesn’t matter when you are walking around with my personal tour guide).

I think I was impressed by the yachts the most.

Look at this one…friggin’ 4 stories!

Monte Carlo-37

Monte Carlo-30

Monte Carlo-31

This is at the ‘swimming pool’ complex…where the race begins and the pit lanes are located….

Monte Carlo-32

This is also a pretty famous tunnel that is part of the race. The drivers can clear it in nearly 2 to 3 seconds!

Monte Carlo-33

See the tire tracks!…

Monte Carlo-38

My other fav was the Monte Carlo casino…but, they don’t let schmucks like us into this place…its extremely exclusive.

Monte Carlo-35 Monte Carlo-36

Straight out of the movies, eh?