Nice and ‘le mer’

June 24, 2009

Ah….the French Rivera….can I just pretend to be glamorous for one evening. Two of my favorite things to do in their absolute best form….slow strolls and eating!

Unfortunately, Nice did not give Chris a good first impression, but that is because we drove into the city…something that only half crazy people do (or those that didn’t really do their homework). I have to admit, he’s definitely been dropped into the deep end as far as driving on the right hand side of the road goes and preparing for driving in America. Not only did he conquer terrifying mountain passes, but then to test his skills (and god bless…his patients as well)….we drove into Nice, where, well, it was just slightly hectic city driving… I am sure he will pass his driving test with no problem now.


God, I would love to have a cute little moped!


But, the traffic was worth it when we finally were able to stroll down the ‘Promenade de Anglais’



Just stunning!Nice-4


Nice-2 Nice-5

Then, we ventured into the old town where the place was heaving with people spilling out of cafe’s ….the choice was endless and they were all charming…so we just chose what looked like the busiest one (because obviously it would have the best food, right?)…and plonked our tired kiesters down…



That’s the cafe we chose…Le Safari….and we sat there where the two gentlemen with red shirts our sitting.


And finally, my sweet, sweet reward! Fruits de Mer (over some spaghetti!) clams, muscles, and shimp….Oh….my…..god…..just so lovely….


Accompanied with a bottle of white wine and a sunset‚Ķ.d?©licieux!