San Bernardino Pass

June 19, 2009

As agreed by Clarkson, Hammond and May….the San Bernardino Pass is supposedly THE best driving road in Europe…and although I wasn’t driving, I would have to agree as a passenger…this was pretty fun. Again, I was hanging half out of the window trying to photograph the scenery that was flashing by….Because, unlike yesterday, this road was smoother and just a little less precarious so my wonderful driver could have some more fun…



Just a boy living out his dream….



Tom tom didn’t fail us (except once when we had to take a detour…but hey, how was he supposed to know that…seriously…the sat nav worked like a charm….




through some tiny mountain villages in the middle of no where…isn’t this the cutest stone cottage



And many, many, many tunnels…




You can only imagine the giggles that this put us in…a test of anyone’s maturity..



And there is part of the pass….like the road just fell onto the mountain…sort of looks more like a go kart track to me…

San.Bernadino.Pass-33 San.Bernadino.Pass-17 San.Bernadino.Pass-18 San.Bernadino.Pass-22 San.Bernadino.Pass-23 San.Bernadino.Pass-27

Yours truly…. San.Bernadino.Pass-28