July 18, 2009

Athens has a special place in this girl’s heart and this most certainly won’t be my last visit. This is a gritty and chaotic city…and I love it!

 Athens-3 Athens-4 Athens-6 Athens-8 Athens-9


I think the theatre is one of my favorites because you can see the centre throne and the chairs in the front row that were for dignitaries. Athens-11 Athens-12

Can’t you just picture it all! Athens-13


The soldier at the tomb of the unknown soldier. Can you believe they were wearing full on cotton tights in such hot weather.


And you gotta love the footwear.


Then we visited the National Archeological Museum…

Where we saw Zeus! This arm was huge!


But this was my favorite statue…that little horny goat (he’s a god of the underworld) is trying to get it on with Greek goddess (I think its Aphrodite). She is trying to beat him away with her shoe. Oh and her son, that little angle, is trying to bitch slap this guy!


And, because Greece was so much more affordable than Switzerland, we splashed out on a swank hotel.