The weekend of my sisters wedding, I had the chance to check out Austin a bit more (since that is eventually where we are going to end up hopefully in the next month or two). And once we discovered South Congress, I was in love. Its funky, hip, and affordable. Its everything about Austin that I want to be a part of. Believe me, there will be many, many more posts about Austin this year.

One unique and famous landmark is the Hey Cupcake airstream trailer on South Congress. There are a few of these little trailers parked along this road and this one sells only the most delicious and perfect cupcakes.




Isn’t this the coolest and cutest trailer you’ve ever seen!

And, to keep you shaded…they had pink umbrellas to hold while you wait inline.

 Hey.cupcake-11 Hey.cupcake-12


















And even Uncle Mike, former body builder and school principal, found this solution very practical.


But, its all about the cupcakes…and oh, my, god…they were good.



And…my uncle Mickey quite enjoyed the ‘whipper snapper!’















This was another one of the airstreams serving up food on a hot day.


But, the cupcakes were a huge hit. Unfortunately, I didn’t get enough pictures of the cupcakes themselves because they were gobbled up much too quickly


…so I guess I am just going to have to go back and order some more, for photo purposes of course.