Wee ones

July 1, 2009

Well, Chris and I were unable to fly back to Texas today because of some thunderstorms in the US…so we will be catching our flight tomorrow instead.

In the meantime while we wait, I have have been wanting to post some more photos from the wedding we went to in Greece. These are some more of the ‘wee’ ones that we met while we were there.

This is Aaron…his family refers to his as the ‘little man’…Chrildren-28

He was such a cutie and the expressions on his little face were priceless..


Then there was Alicia‚Ķ this girl is going to have Oprah running for her money‚Ķ.’‚Äùshy‚Äù doesn‚Äôt enter her vocabulary‚Ķand believe‚Ķfor such a little girl she had a great vocabulary‚Ķso articulate and at ease talking to anyone.

She wanted to have a chat with this boy about purchasing a balloon….I am sure she could drive a hard bargain too..

but mom had to reign her in….she did have a big appearance at the wedding coming up in a few minutes after all.




And then there was this little one….she was just happy sitting in her buggy eating cookies…



But, I of course had to nab a quick photo of her little piggies…


And finally one of me…just because mom was supposed to see me at home this evening and give me a big mommy hug… unfortunately this pic will have to do until tomorrow.