Jo is 8 months

September 7, 2009

When Holly would sign all her emails ‚ÄòHolly and the Zoo‚Äô, I always assumed she referred to her two sons and her husband‚Ķ  boisterous boys right?  Nope, she is referring to the many animals that are apart of her wonderful family.  She has three horses (one which hangs out regularly on her back porch), a parrot that likes for you to stop and have a chat, three ‚Äòcow dogs‚Äô (whom I have personally seen in action as they cleared some stray cows from the horse barn and chase them back into the field where they were supposed to be) and of course‚Ķ  lots of cattle!

Just photographing this relaxed and down to earth family was fun enough, but the visit their beautiful ranch and spending time with their extended family (their dogs literally welcomed me as I drove up‚Ķ  as if to say ‚Äòhello, pleased to meet you‚Äô)‚Ķ  just made my heart skip a beat.

But anyway, here is the family…





This is big brother Jake…he was a lot of fun….and really enjoyed showing me the place.







They had the most amazing pecan tree…it was simply gorgeous and I could just imagine hanging out under its canopy for hours and hours.




Thanks guys…I had a wonderful time.