September 25, 2009

I am completely biased on this one, but I truly believe that the absolute luckiest women out there are the ones blessed to have a sister.

When I was editing these photos from my latest shoot of the Patrick family (I will be showing off handsome Max here soon too)… I couldn’t help but think about my sister, Mandy.

These two girls were awesome! Full of energy and their free spirits were just contagious. We had a great time romping around and playing at the Fireman’s Park in Brenham…where they have this gorgeous antique carousel.


Meet the duo… this is Molly


And this is Rylie


These two have their own secret language. And put each other in absolute hysterics by saying one word from an inside joke.

twins-15 twins-31



Sisters are always where when you need to discuss what’s on your mind; to help you work out life’s little problems.


And they are always there when you want someone to play with…



They lift you up when you reach for the sky..



And they are always there to share your dreams with…


Thanks girls… I had a blast hanging out with you. Give each other a hug for me! And I will be back to post some more pictures of your cute little brother!