The Fair

September 23, 2009

Now that I am official resident of Texas again, I felt it was an important cultural experience to show my Irish man what a County Fair is all about here this great state. And it just happens that Brenham is home to one of the largest and best in the state…the Washington County Fair.

I haven’t been to a county fair since I was in high school… but the two things I remember most is that 1. It ALWAYS falls on my birthday and 2. It was THE fall social event and my little teenage world revolved on who I was meeting up with, who I was trying to ‘accidently’ run into (this was usually some fella that I was interested in.)

Sad to say, because I came to Brenham when I was 15, I was never involved in 4H or FFA or anything… but I kinda wish I did something… especially because there was some sort of entry for every kind of interest…

Two of my favorite things! Photography and gardening…There are some really talented photographers in this little town. I just love the reserve champion of hte fella sleeping.


I wonder what the rules are if I do all the work in my mothers garden in Brenham… could we enter her pumpkins next year?

And, one of these days…I am going to learn how to make my own preserves…look at how many of them are!



I loved being an observer this time around. Its a completely different experience. It was fun to take a stroll… to watch the teenage girls flutter about all dressed up and chatting about this person and that boy… oh how I remember when that was my world too.

I also love looking at all the food…


All the vendors…I wonder what the Fair is like for them… they always seem to be very interesting. I regret not ditching my family for a few hours and seriously photographing the evening.


But most of all… I just love the lights in the warm September night sky… They are so beautiful.