Chasing boys

November 25, 2009

I hopped in the car a few weeks ago and headed down to La Grange to meet up with Amie and her family for a shoot at the Monument Hill State Park. You’ve already met her sister Krista, she’s the one exploring the woods with her little boy Jayden…you know…the one that found the biggest rock ever!

Anyway, this was a great family, and we had such a wonderful time playing and running after three little boys (they will keep you on your toes!). Amie brought a brunch picnic and Nonnie and Pops were there enjoy the sunshine with their grandbabies…

This is Carter, her youngest…he was pretty much just taking in all the new scenery…there was of new things to look at.



Dad says he really loves hanging upside down…that got a little giggle outta him.


That is big brother, Walker, who has come over to play. These boys loved the dirt and the rocks…(I think we are kindred spirits on that my mother can attest).


Walker saw me down on my belly shooting pictures and thought he would join me. Sooo funny. Everytime I would try to sneak on the ground to get an angle, he’d plop right down next to me.


I was going to say this was because he wanted to be a photographer…nope, just another excuse to play in the dirt…and Carter decided to join in because Walker must have found some better rocks over here.


Such a beautiful family!



We then went back to enjoy some of the goodies Amie brought along. Walker had found a new stick! Which of course is much better than a rock.


‘Dad, see my cool stick!…I can use it to dig things with…I am thinking this rock wall could use some grout repair’


Like father like son…. I love this shot.


Walker then decided it was time to go explore than Barn down below.



I just loved his free spirit.


Okay…now this shot is for Nonnie! (and all the other grandmas who are going to squill at the cuteness of three tushies in a row).



It was time to eat some strawberries with Nonnie and Pops




Thank you all for such a wonderful day. It was great meeting you, getting to know everyone. Big hugs!