No Place Like Home

December 15, 2009

I love it when a family shoot includes their pets (because they are apart of the family too, right!) But, what is even better is when the family has farm animals. I love them all…cows, pigs, goats, horses…you name it, I am a sucker. So when part of my job includes taking those photos…and of course this required some love pats from the photographer….I am just fill with joy!

When I drove up to the Summerour family, they showed me Red and Juliana‚Ķthese are their Brahma’s. Please do not mistake these for hamburger meat, these cows are just there to enjoy their life to the fullest and provide joy to their owners. They had to be the friendliest herd I have ever been around. Red was especially cute‚Ķand I already told you about how he is BFF‚Äôs with Roscoe.

So here is their story…their family, their love and their home.





Aren’t they CUTE!

SummerourBlog-19  SummerourBlog-20

Maundy (she is the black lab) has come over to say hello too! If this were Hank‚Ķhe would just bark his head off! 







Showing me his skills! 


After all the fun activities outdoors, we headed in for a game of “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader”….Nick’s choice….he’s in the fifth grade…so its a true test!





Thank you for such a wonderful session…you were so welcoming and kind. When Nick goes off to college, he will have these great photos of when he was a kid and of his home and they will hopefully make him very happy and bring a smile to his face and warm in his heart!