Amy’s expecting

May 27, 2010

Amy has got to be the most inspirational momma to be I have ever met. When we got together for her shoot, she was discussing how she was going to her aerobics class the night before….she was due in 3 weeks! If this 8month pregnant little dynamo can get off the couch and work what her momma gave her, then so can I! I went out for a walk that very evening…didn’t quite feel like the same accomplishment. Anyway, Amy is sweet and wonderful and is going to be one awesome mom!

Anyway, I am so excited about these beautiful portraits…they are art pieces and I am so very happy that she will have these images to show her little girl someday and talk about how Amy was waiting for her little girl to arrive!


These two are my favs! I love the lighting and the atmosphere…she is quietly waiting, and has this peaceful aura about her.





I just love the look these two are giving each other…there are both just glowing with happiness!




I can’t wait to meet this little one! Congratulations Amy!