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May 12, 2010

Seriously…I have this wonderful friend, Desiree Burris (Che Vogue)...who was a very bad influence Monday.

I am swamped busy…swamped! I have been away for a week at a workshop in Dallas, the Bridal Extravaganza is coming up, plus I have a ton of work sitting on my desk of things I need to get out the door. At this point, I should be tied to my desk not to emerge for a week.

And then, my phone rings. Its Desiree…with her cheerful and bubbly personality she says…’guess what I am in town…lets go shoot!’. Which I reply, ‘No, I can’t possibly…blah, bladdy blah…too much work, too busy..blah, bladdy, blah’. You get the point. I turn her down, because that is the smart thing to do. But I do agree to a short coffee, because I have to see my sweet friend if its only for a quick half hour.

It goes down hill from there. We of course start talking about photography and fashion and what we have both been up to…and before I know it, we, plus another beautiful girl, Ashley…are headed out to Ashley’s grandparents cottage by Lake LBJ for a full on sesh…

And it was sooo worth it. I am exhausted and my body hurts because when we get together and start shooting, I forget about time and everything else…its all about creating ART. I love working with this girl…she is beyond a hairstylist, she is a full on collaborator..encouraging and pushing me to create better art. She is my ‘Jay Emmanuel’ on a shoot.

Here are just a few from the many wonderful images we created that day.


Dress look familiar anyone….its mine!


We had to clamp it in the back…but she looks beautiful! Ashley-03 Ashley-04 Ashley-05

Then I threw on this jacket I had picked up at Goodwill for a $1 that totally is too small for me, but I have been thinking its a cute little accessory for bridals. Desiree changed up the hair…and Coco Channel shined her grace down upon us. Playing dress up is so much fun.

 Ashley-06 Ashley-07

And these next ones…..sigh….I just love. That is my mothers dress. Which fit Ashley like a glove! I loved creating these next images. They speak to me…the just pure softness and angelic like feel. They have a vintage romance to them…like we traveled through time.

 Ashley-08 Ashley-09 Ashley-10 Ashley-11 Ashley-12 Ashley-13

I love this one…its more like an art piece to me.

Ashley14   Ashley-15

And then it started to get dark and it was time to play with lights and try out some of the new skillz I have been learning over the past few months. Love it! We are on a dirt road and I am using two off camera speed lights (for the techno geeks out there). The whole shoot all of a sudden looked completely different and editorial!

 Ashley-16 Ashley-17


So what do you all think? Brides, lets rock your session out like a superstar! I can help you bring together a stellar team that will make your session really stand out from the crowd…plus you’ll have a blast at the same time.

Back to work for me…lots of things coming up..such as

Rachel wedding part 2

My new little niece…Maddy!