babies in bluebonnets

May 3, 2010

One thing I absolutely love about photographing babies is when I get home and start the editing processing, I get to stare at the cutest little smiles, little giggles, inquisitives looks and the occasional sweet little cries. It just makes my heart pitter patter! I catch myself giggling and talking to my monitor. How sad, I know.

Anyway, here are a few of the sweet faces that I have been brightening my day lately!


jaxon_kendall-8 jaxon_kendall-1 jaxon_kendall-2 jaxon_kendall-3 jaxon_kendall-4 jaxon_kendall-5 jaxon_kendall-6 jaxon_kendall-7

jones_galvan-1 jones_galvan-2 jones_galvan-3 jones_galvan-4 jones_galvan-5 jones_galvan-6 jones_galvan-7

madalyn-4 madalyn-1 madalyn-2 madalyn-3

Silas-4 Silas-1 Silas-2 Silas-3

Seriously! Aren’t they stinking cute?