I am an Aunt!

May 22, 2010

My baby sister just had the most gorgeous little girl…Madilyn Josephine, Maddy Jo, for short. What a sweetheart she it! She arrived Friday night at 7:50pm and was 9lbs 2oz and 20inches long. Which meant she was ready for cuddling straight away! And believe me, she especially loves her Aunt Jenny.

I was there on hand to document the story. Birth photography was hard work, but I am was honored to have been able to be there when Mandy first held Maddy in her hands, when my parents walked in the room and saw their first grandchild. I have been able to watch my father melt before my eyes and become absolutely smitten with Maddilyn…and he is not afraid to act a complete fool making cooing sounds and funny faces. Its wonderful and surreal to see how our family is growing and evolving, the dynamics changing.





The waiting was absolutely Killer!


The nurse arrived to let us know Maddy was here…came out kicking and screaming..she was ready to be out of there!


So then my mom was pacing up and down the hall way waiting for Michael to come out with the details!



He had brought Mandy’s iphone with him to the operating room and took her first picture!


The grandparents were very excited!

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So the family waiting for a little while and I went back into the room to let Maddy have her first photo shoot…plus I wanted to to bond with my camera lens!


 blog-17 blog-19 blog-21 blog-23 blog-24



Then it was everyone’s turn to meet and hold our newest family member!Michael went back to fetch the family, and I had a quick cuddly with my new niece for the excitement started…because you know…I had to be busy photographing. 😉


Check out daddy’s grin!





Chris took this picture of moi!

Want to see more! And everyone holding little Maddy…

Here is the slideshow and the story of her arrival into this wonderful world.


Happy birthday Maddy! Your Aunt Jenny loves you and we are going to have a great time together…I have tea parties and dress-up days in the works!