Love and Adventure: Robin and Andrew are engaged!

July 22, 2010

Oh my god, this shoot just sings to my soul! You will see why soon…

Robin and Andrew are two very down to earth wonderful people that I am so happy to have met. They are both architects whom have experienced amazing adventures around the world together. I am seriously jealous of these two! I think Chris and I are going to have to start planning some more adventures of our own soon…

They both had studied architecture school at A&M, but lost touch after graduation and didn’t even realize they were both living in Austin until one day, they randomly bumped into each other crossing the street at 6th and Lamar headed to a concert at Waterloo Records. So this is where our shoot begins!


Their engagement story is un-friggin believable! And (apart from my own on the Charles Bridge….love you babe!) is one of my favs. Andrew had been designing  the perfect engagement ring with a local jeweler that used stones and platinum from both of their families for about six months hoping it would be ready before they departed on their latest adventure to Africa. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite ready yet and he would have to wait until they came back to pop the question. After a four day back packing trip through Malolotja Nature Reserve, on top of a mountain peak at sunset, Andrew couldn’t let the moment pass by. To quote their wedding website  ‘Andrew asked Robin to marry him and spend a lifetime of adventures together. Her response was a resounding, "of course!" He proposed with a woven silver and giraffe tail hair ring made by a local silver-smith.’ And when they returned home, she was given her engagement ‘bling’ I mean ring.

Robin got the best of both worlds! Good job Andrew!!!

While I would have love to revisit the mountain top in Africa with them for an engagement shoot, we settled on a little Austin adventure to some of its great native environments nearby.

Seriously, this is one good looking couple! 

And this is where my heart starts to melt and I let out a big sigh…oh how of love these next images. I can’t even express how much they make me feel the love between this couple…


Love you guys! I had the best time on this shoot. Can’t wait till the wedding in a few weeks! Big hugs!


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