After the wedding lets shoot!

October 14, 2010

I adore shooting ‘After Session’ and there are many reasons some couples choose to go for  it.  It may be because a couple chooses to elope or have a destination wedding. It might be that the timeline is limited and the couple just wants to head to the reception (and aren’t willing to break tradition with a first look). Or the ceremony takes place at a difficult time of day. Unfortunately, it might also be because they weren’t happy with their original photographer they hired for the big day and want a fresh perspective and redo. For me as your photographer, I recommend After Sessions because we get to be so much more creative being free from timelines, location limitations, and fear of the brides dress or hair being slightly tousled before the walk down the isle (that is why some call them ‘Trash the Dress’ sessions, but I don’t really want to ever ‘trash’ someones wedding dress…just not worry about if it gets slightly dirty from laying in grass or walking on along a gravel road). Whatever the reason and weather its the day after or 5 years later with kids in tow..After Sessions are extremely fun!

So when Heather contacted me a few month ago saying she wanted to ‘recreate her wedding’ for her first anniversary, I was stoked. (well, after I made sure she meant she wanted a portrait session and wasn’t really re-creating her ceremony) I didn’t photograph her on her big day, but let me tell you, Heather makes one gorgeous bride! She is vivacious and her and her husband, Jesse, are wonderfully fun and relaxed people who totally don’t take themselves seriously.Here are a few images from our session at Dunvegan’s Keep.