Jennifer has got Glam!

October 25, 2010

Its official, Jennifer and Landry got hitched this past weekend and now that means I can reveal her bridal portraits.

Let me just start off by saying that Jennifer is this artists’ muse! She has beeen an absolute pleasure to work, both a wonderful client and friend. She is a true collaborator with great vision and as one my very first clients (she has been engaged a long time!), she pushes me to new heights because she believes in my talent more than I do myself sometimes.

When we discussed what type of shoot she wanted she said two things…’old hollywood’ and glamour. She wanted lots of her images in black and white (love that!) and to turn up the ‘drama!’ And anyone who knows Jennifer is laughing right now because they know that is exactly her personality. She may be from a small town, but let me tell you, this girl had a former life as a 40’s hollywood starlet.

I love both these shots!

Love, love her dress. Jennifer had a vision her perfect dress and she  worked with Winnie Couture to come up with her truly one of kind, couture gown.

A big, big thank you to:

Vivo Restaurant

Lani Lounge and

Zoraima Pelaez for hair and makeup.

And much love to Jennifer, who hopefully is enjoying some wonderful beachside lounging with her honey!