Jenny and Paco’s Desitination Puerto Rico Wedding

October 18, 2010

This wedding is such a great story about friends and family coming together to pull off one heck of an event. Jenny and Paco headed off to a small surfer village in Puerto Rico for their destination wedding and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful ceremony set on the beach. With their closest friends and family along with them you could absolutely feel the love at this wedding and I am so honored that they chose me to photograph it.

Jenny has this amazing calmness to her, but planning a destination wedding is no easy task. So right before we headed off, she and I quickly met up to discuss the final details and timeline. Like most brides, she was busy getting all those last minute details in a row and when I ask her how things were going she replied all is well, just a little nervous about her hair getting done by someone she hadn’t met. So, we both decided to pad the time line a bit in case her hair may need a few changes. So after a two fun filled nights in Puerto Rico celebrating with their friends the big day arrives and the hairstylist is no where to be found and hasn’t been answering her phone. Let me tell you, most brides would have a small freakout at this point. But not this gal…she was total zen. The bridesmaids put their heads together to come up with a plan when someone remembered that one of the groomsmen knows how to style hair….they think? So, like a mad dash one of the bridesmaids goes to wake up this poor guy (who thinks he still has a few more hours to sleep off his two fun, rum-filled nights before its wedding time). Shaking his shoulder….they say, ‘Dude….dude….you gotta wake up…we need you to fix Jenny’s hair’

I am literally picturing this guy jumping out of bed, throwing on a cape and heading to the bat mobile…or the beat-up rental jeep…but whatever. I think we could hear the tires squealing, It was like Super Groomsman’ coming to save the day as he zipped around the little island to find a few bobby pins, hairspray and supplies. The wedding coordinator at the resort donated her hair straightener and the rest of gals dug through their bags to pull out anything that might help.

Come to find out, he doesn’t just ‘do hair’ he does hair in Dallas for really amazing fashion shows! I think he was every girl in that rooms hero, including mine! I wonder if I should start hiring assistants with such ‘in-case-of-an-emergency’ super-hero type training?

So we planned to be ready about 2pm for formal photographs before the ceremony at 4:30. This is at 4:15pm.

I think everyone did an amazing job, kept calm, and kept Jenny smiling. She looked beautiful!

(Doesn’t she look amazingly calm, this bride’s energy was so positive and beautiful!)

Right girl, lets get you to the alter!

It was great seeing Paco’s face. He loves her!

Yea, its pretty awesome getting to photograph this couple’s love for one another in such paradise!

So her friends talents don’t just end at beauty…they also are amazing DJ’s. Several members of the group took different pieces of their set up in the bags with them as they flew from Austin. And they were able to set up a portable DJ booth and the group danced the night away to some kickin’ house music. They created their own nightclub there at the resort!

It was amazing to see this wonderful group of people come together for this couple. They are truly blessed and loved. Big hugs and congratulations!

Check out their video slideshow here:

Venue: Villa Monta

Coordinator: Diana Perez

Dress: Galina (David’s Bridal)

Handbag: La Belle Desert

Bracelet: Made By Sam

Earring: Little Stone Design

Bridesmaids Jewelry: JGuild Designs (yep, this is the bride..she is one talented jewelry designer!)

Super Groomsmen: Justin – He and Paco have been pals for 20 years!

DJ’s: Two of Paco’s close buds – Paul aka ‘The DJ Lord Fantastic’ (he knows its a bit silly) and Jibril aka ‘Brotha Jibril’

What moment stands out the most from your day?

Jenny: Standing by the water with Paco after dinner, when all of the craziness had died down.

Paco: Standing at the altar and finally seeing Jenny in her dress.  I was just so happy and proud that she was going to be my wife!

What was the funniest moment?
Jenny: When Diana pretended to flash the crowd at the end of the night 😉
Paco: I got a big kick out of seeing all our friends dancing and carrying on with each other.  Miles (short, in all white) was goofing and jumping around with everyone for at least an hour.

What advice would you give brides and grooms planning a destination wedding?
Jenny:  Use  Relax and enjoy the vacation days leading up to the wedding as much as possible!
Paco: If you are lucky enough to have family that will support you, you are going to love it!  Just remember to show up a couple day early and to encourage your family and friends too as well, so that you’ll all have time to relax and catch up before the wedding.

If you could do it again, what would you change?

Jenny:  Hmmm, can’t really think of anything! Oh wait- I would have made time to eat an appetizer- everyone kept saying how they were incredibly delish!! I did eat dinner though, which apparently some brides don’t have a chance to do 🙂

Paco:  I really wouldn’t change a thing!  It was a perfect wedding, and I wish we could do it all over again..

Where did you honeymoon?
Jenny: The lovely St John Island in the USVI!
Paco:  We spent the first night in the historic town of Viejo San Juan (Old San Juan) and stayed at Hotel El Convento.  We spent the next five nights hiking, swimming and snorkelling, and eating fabulous dinners on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.