Merry and Steve are Married : : Laguna Gloria

November 15, 2010

Merry and Steve were married during the most stunning sunset at Laguna Gloria. It was an elegant affair and Laguna Gloria was a perfect setting that created an old hollywood feel to this wedding.

I was so happy that Merry and Steve opted to see each other before the wedding. You always here how it gives more time for the couple to be photographed and also allows them to join that reception ASAP. But another reason I love it when couples do a ‘first look’ (apart from the amazing raw emotion that comes forth) is that it helps with those nerves. Poor Merry was a shakin’ in her heels…and once she saw her groom, a wave of calm and happiness came over her. I think it really allows the couple to focus on the ceremony, its not such a blur of a memory anymore. You can feel every emotion, savor every moment.

I love, love these two photos of Merry and her dad, they way he makes her smile just before they big show. Such a wonderful moment for these two, it was hard not to tear up. (which is a frequent occupational hazard I might add). I rememember those procious few minutes alone with my daddy before Chris and I got hitched. It was a great snipit in time.

Here is that sunset I was talking about.

Steve’s daughter and two of her fiends performed Love Bug by the Jonas Brothers for the newlyweds. Its was too cute and Merry and Steve were gleaming with pride.

The night ended with some great dinner and dancing.

A big congratulations!

The amazing vendors that helped to put on this wedding were:

Wedding Coordinator Extroionaire :: Aimee Villa of Lizze Belle

Gorgeous pedals by :: Cheryl Weatherford of Express Yourself Wedding Flowers

Delicious eats :: Creative Creations

Yummy treats :: Blue Note Bakery

Thank you everyone!

Now, sit back and watch their slidewhow!

Merry and Steve :: Hitched from Jenny DeMarco Photogrpahy on Vimeo.