Glamorous Bridal Portrait Session

February 25, 2015

The bride is wearing a vera wang veil over her head with a champagne colored floral design to match the waistband around her dress. In the picture on the right, the bride is sitting down by a champagne colored piano  with yellow and brown wallpaper in the background. The picture on the left shows the bride standing under a chandelier holding a bouquet in a room filled with antique furniture. On the right she is sitting in an antique chair and holding her bouquet. The bride has a beautiful hair style. It is an elegant side bun accessorized with a feathery flower hair clip. she is standing on a beautiful porch with an stone archway and columns. The bride is twirling her wedding dress on a beautiful porch with stone archways and columns. Int the picture to the left, the bride is stadning by a champagne colored piano. In the picture to the right, the bride is standing between two large cherry wood doors with a beautiful chandelier hanging in the middle of the room.. The Bride is standing outside on a porch with a stone archway and columns with lovely green scenery in the background. The bride is standing outside on a brick pavement next to tall white double doors on a white stone building to match her white dress. THe bride is holding her bouquet and looking down at the train of her wedding dress while standing on a brick pavement next to white doors with windows. the bride is standing in a cherry wood doorway showing off how long the train of her dress is.

We photographed Stephanie’s glamorous bridal portraits at the historic Chateau Bellevue in downtown Austin. She radiated classic beauty and her hair and makeup team were on site to help make sure everything was flawless. I loved her Vera Wang veil that had delicate and intricate rice flowers sown into the fabric.