Texas State Capitol Wedding: Catherine and Preston

July 27, 2016

View of the Texas State Capitol building from the Northside lit by the sun on the right. Friends and mother finish prepping bride Catherine with a few finishing touches.

Preston's younger brother fixes the grooms tie while friends joke around him. Father of the bride and father of the groom, Senator Kirk Watson, share a laugh before the wedding. Bride Catherine approaches Groom Preston Watson for the first look.

Bride Catherine smiling big as she approaches her waiting groom for the first look moment.  Bride and Groom hold hands before the wedding in the empty Texas State Capitol Senate Chamber.  Bride Catherine shares a special laugh with her two cousins Moments before the wedding. One cousin is crying at the beautiful bride. Bride Catherine's two cousins carry her train as she approaches the doors to the Texas State Capitol Senate Chamber. The Texas State Capitol door-hinge next to three grandmothers waiting for the ceremony to begin. Bride Catherine adjusts her dad's tie as he looks lovingly and proudly at his daughter. A black and white image of the bride and her father wait in the conference room of the Senate as the bridesmaids file out. The bridesmaids smile just moments before the bride makes her grand entrance. The bride and her father wait in the Senate conference room of the Texas State Capitol and joke and laugh while they wait to make their entrance. A black and white image of the bride and the father of the bride entering the ceremony. The image is from behind as to show off the veil and train of the bride.  The minister and groom smile at the beautiful bride and her father as they make their way down the aisle. Black and white overhead shot emphasizing the wedding guests, the bride and her father, the groom and minister, and the overall beauty of the Texas Senate chambers. Image focusing on the wedding guests watching the bride and groom at the altar. The billowing white peonies flower arrangements are also emphasized here. Black and white shot of the gospel choir praising the union of the bride and groom.Incredible image of the bride and groom holding hands at the altar as the preacher concentrates the marriage. This image is extremely appealing because the rule of thirds is in play.  The minister unites the couple as man and wife in this black and white picture. Catherine and Preston have their eyes closed, praying for the consecration of their marriage. Shot from behind the altar emphasizing the wonderful peonies arrangements and the couple holding hands. Wedding guests admire the bride and groom from the senate tables. Cousins of the bride hold the dress's train as the newleyweds make their way down the stairs to go to the reception. Newlyweds make their way down the stairs of the Texas State Capitol followed by the bridesmaids. Also emphasized in this image is the fuchsia shoe of the bride, giving her a pop of color in her look. Guests make their way up the stairs of the ACL Moody Theater to the reception. Bride and Groom stand by the candlelit stairs under the ACL sign and gave lovingly at one another. Bright fuchsia range colors custom draping juxtaposed next to the ALC Moody Theater sign. Cocktail hour lounge space decorated in a suave grey and accented with pops of orange and pink. The first image is an arrangement of purple Phalaenopsis Orchids, Pincushion, Hydrangea and Amaryllis in a small gold vase. The image on the right has arrangements consisting of different varieties of orange roses, purple phalaenopsis orchids, hydrangea and pink roses. The garland is made of pink hyacinth. The different finger food and snack options still look fancy displayed next to the three towers of flowers and gold accents. The image on the left captures the suave attitude the venue projects emphasized by the peonies, roses, hydrangea, Mokara orchids and amaryllis in the large urn. The image on the right shows the seven tiered wedding cake covered in Peonies and roses. An overhead image of the party reception venue shows guest enjoying the mood lighting and bright colors. Bride and groom laugh heartily on the dance floor as they share their first dance together as a married couple. The bride and groom share their first dance in front of adoring guests backlit by the vivid three paneled fuchsia stage. Married couple Catherine and Preston cut their seven tiered cake and laugh at the witty banter of their onlooking guests. The multi tiered cake has one single gold layer as an accent. Senator Kirk Watson jovially laughs as he gives a toast in honor of the newlyweds. The band from Atlanta sings beautiful should music at the reception for guests to enjoy and dance to. One rowdy guest clings to a pillow as she laughs about the absurdity of her friend's dance moves. The groom hops on stage to sing a duet with the lead soul vocalist. The two harmonize and are appreciated by all around. Two In-N-Out workers hold boxes of the legendary California burgers for guests to enjoy and take home as the reception draws to a close. Two grandmothers at the party clap and sing along to the rhythmic beats of the soul band. Two friends of the groom enjoy beverages and sing along to the catchy tunes coming from the stage. A cute little girl wearing pigtails and bows does the twist and shout at the wedding reception. The bride and groom begin to make their exit from the ACL Moody Theater and say goodbye to surrounding guests. Bride and from walk down the illuminated staircase of the ACL Moody Theater as family and friends cheer from below. The bride and groom make their way towards the vintage red and white convertible that will take them to their hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Watson sit on the back of the vintage red and white convertible as they make their way through the tunnel of sparklers that is their exit.

Catherine and Preston were married at the Texas State Capitol on the Senate Floor. There Reception was held at the ACL Moody Theater.
How did you choose your venues, the Texas State Capitol and ACL Theater?
Preston and I had always loved the idea of the Capitol and we didn’t even know we could have it in the actual Senate Chamber until we mentioned it to Preston’s dad, Kirk, and he told us that was an option. As for ACL Live, we just thought it was a very cool, uniquely Austin place which was what we were looking for being Austinites and all!
Describe your decor and how you chose it?
From the very beginning I knew I wanted the wedding decor to be very un-wedding-y. I’m not a huge fan of “white everything” at weddings or in general because I just love color. Color makes me happy because it has personality – especially when it’s bright and bold. White is pretty but it doesn’t have that POP that I love and legitimately need (it feeds my soul!). So, I just knew right off the bat that I wanted bright, large-and-in-charge flower arrangements ranging from all shades of pink and orange. All other decor was just about letting the color rule the roost.
Why did you choose me, Jenny, to be your wedding photographer?
My mom and I met with our coordinator, Becky Brock with Brock + Co. Events, and there was this amazeballs picture hanging on the wall of this couple dancing amidst a shower of confetti – all of which was backlit by this bright light. Basically it was the coolest picture ever and I remember saying so to Becky and she just said “Yep. That’s Jenny DeMarco. You’ll be meeting her later. That kind of picture is her specialty.” And, sure enough, when we met you showed us some amazing, signature pictures that you had taken AND these really beautiful wedding photo albums that you put together after the wedding that immediately made me think “Yeah, so I’m going to need one of those.” It also helped that you have a fun, caring and totally understanding personality – we just clicked!!
What was one of your favorite moments from the your wedding day?
Getting my shoe stuck in one of the floor vents on the floor of the Capitol and having to be rescued by my maid-of-honor and cousin, Katie, and my other bridesmaid+cousin, Allison. Let’s just say that my dress was rather warmish and the floor vents came to my rescue. I was hovering over one with my massive dress and accidentally stepped on it, causing my heel to go through the slats of the vent. Allison held me steady while Katie basically had to rip it out (it was that stuck), causing some of the calf hair on my shoe to be sheared off. It was hilarious and even funnier to look back and see a little bit of the shoe floating around in the air from the vent.
What was your favorite image from your wedding day?
All of them. But if I had to pick just one it’s the one of the whole wedding party walking down the stairs and out of the Capitol right after the ceremony. It looks like we’re flying down the stairs, running away, and I love it because it’s like we’re all so happy the Ceremony was a success and that we get to relax for two seconds before the madness starts again. I always joked that I would pull a Runaway Bride (only because I’m an introvert and I don’t love being the center of attention – like Julia Roberts when that camera flash goes off in her face!) so I think it’s funny that it looks like we’re all fleeing the scene when really everything went perfectly and was beautiful!
Did any of your other vendors go above and beyond for you?
All of them. Legitimately, every single one of them went above and beyond for us. (Exhibit A – had NO idea this was going to be in existence and when I saw it in The Potter Pub I kind of teared up a little bit!)
If I gave you specifics for what each of them did that was above and beyond the call of duty then we would be here forever. I cannot have asked for a better wedding team. Truly, they pulled it all off beautifully and their dedication to making everything perfect meant the world to me, Preston and our families. Brock + Co. Events, David Kurio Designs, Jenny DeMarco Photography, LoveBirds Film, Townsley Designs, Simon Lee Bakery (LOVE ME SOME SWEETS), FILO Productions, Rebecca Ferguson (hair and makeup GENIUS), everyone at The State Capitol (especially Secretary of the Senate, Patsy Spaw), everyone at ACL Live, the list goes on and on!!!
Do you have any tips to share with other couples?
Good Lord – me, give advice? I suppose I would just say don’t agonize over the details – literally make a decision and move on – there are so many decisions to make this is the only way you’ll survive with your sanity still intact.
A special thanks to:
Event Coordinator and Designer: Brock + Co. Events
Event Venue: Texas State Capitol, Senate Floor
Reception Venue: ACL Moody Theater
Flourish: David Kurio
Decor: Townsley, Strong Events, Marquee Event Group, DWF Dance floors, Full Spectrum Ice
Lighting: FILO Productions,
Catering: W Hotel Austin
Cake and Dessert: Simon Lee Bakery
Band: Atlanta Showstoppers
Late Night Snack: In and Out Burger