Jewish Wedding at The Four Seasons

September 13, 2016

Outdoor portrait of the bride and groom. Details of the wedding dress and shoes. Bride looking at a book that her brides maids gifted to her. The bride smiles while she gets her makeup done. Detail of the grooms shoes and tie. The wedding rings and portrait of the groom. Black and white portrait of the groom. Black and white image of the bride getting ready with her wedding party. The grooms men chatting before the wedding. Two portraits of the bride getting ready. The bride and her wedding party look out of a window before the wedding. Detail of the chuppah and flowers. The bride walks towards her groom for their first look. The groom smiles as he turns and sees his bride for the first time. The bride sheds happy tears during the first look. The bride and groom touch foreheads for an intimate moment during the first look. The bride and groom's dog joins the first look. Two portraits of the bride and groom under the chuppah during the first look. The entire wedding party stands for a photo. The rabbi stands behind the bride and groom while performing the ketubah. The wedding party cheers during the ketubah. The bride and groom hold hands during the ketubah. The bride and groom smile at the rabbi during the ketubah. The rabbi reads the ketubah. Family looking on as the ketubah is performed. The wedding party signs the ketubah. The rabbi gives advice to the bride and groom during the ketubah. The groom lifts his bride's veil. Details of ceremony table and kiddish cup. Black and white image of the bride and her father walking down the aisle. The groom smiles as he watches his bride walk down the aisle. The grooms mens share a laugh during the ceremony. Father and bride embrace at the end of the aisle procession. An image of the entire ceremony.

The bride and groom look at each other during the ceremony. The bride and groom are wrapped in a tallit during their wedding ceremony.The rabbi presents a blessing with the kiddish cup.   The groom smashing the glass!The first kiss as husband and wife.The bride and groom smile and hold hands in the air as they walk down the aisle as husband and wife.   Black and white image of the bride and groom sharing a private moment after the wedding ceremony. The bride and groom share a private moment after the wedding ceremony.

Detail of candles at the reception.

Detail of the reception table. The bride and groom embrace during their first dance. Guests look on as the bride and groom have their first dance. The bride and groom with the band behind them during their first dance. The bride dancing with her father. Black and white image of the father daughter dance. Black and white photo of the groom dancing with his mother. The bride and groom make a speech. The bride and groom make a speech. The bride and groom laughing during speeches. The bride and groom look on as the groom's father makes a speech. A groomsman makes a speech. Guests dancing at the reception. The bride and groom are lifted on chairs during the Hora. The bride makes an uneasy smile as she holds on to the chair she is lifted on. Guests clap during dancing. Guests dance during the reception. Two men dance low to the ground during the reception. Guests dancing during the reception. A portrait of guests with masks and props. The bride and groom dancing during the reception. The groom is lifted by friends and family during the reception. Guests enjoying the music during the reception. Guests doing the limbo. A guest on stage dancing with the band. Confetti surrounding the bride and groom as they kiss at the end of the night. A close up detail of the wedding rings.

What are your day jobs? Eric is an iOS Software Developer for Square, and I’m a Community Programs Manager at Salesforce. We both work at software companies in downtown San Francisco.

Where did you both grow up? I grew up in Plano, TX and Eric grew up in Nipomo, a small town in central California

How did you meet? We met at a (dive) bar and started chatting about work, what we do, etc. We hit it off since we are in similar fields and had a lot to talk about. Eric gave me his email address so I could reach out to him about hosting an event for our company at his office. We emailed hilarious emails back and forth for a while and remained friends for a few months before we started to date.

How did you choose your venues: Four Seasons Hotel?  I couldn’t imagine anywhere better than the Four Seasons. The location is incredible, we could have our ceremony outside, the service at the Four Seasons can’t be compared to anywhere else, and for us, most importantly, the food there is absolutely incredible. They don’t disappoint.
Describe your decor and how you chose it? Decor is definitely not my talent, but we worked closely with the brilliant team at Caplan Miller to create a beautiful setting. I wanted things to feel fun and represent the beginning of the summer.Tell me about your attire – who designed your dress and where did you buy it? I LOVED MY DRESS!! It was designed by Matthew Christopher Bridal and it was called the Emma. I picked Champagne fabric with an ivory lace overlay. It was amazing. Funny story though, I started losing so much weight before the wedding (mostly nerves) that at my last fitting they told me I needed to gain weight or it wouldn’t fit (I know, I’m the worst). Anyway, I got to spend the week leading up to my wedding eating burgers and queso…and sometimes eating burgers in queso. It was kinda the best.

What shoes did you choose and what jewelry did you wear? (um those light up shoes were awesome!) I had two pairs of shoes. I had a pair of sparkly Christian Louboutin heels for the photos and the ceremony and then switched it up for the reception and I had white Converse wedges and I added light-up shoelaces. I mean, it’s a party, right? I also got all of my bridesmaids converse in their favorite color to wear that night so we would all match 🙂 I was also wearing Star Wars storm trooper socks in honor of my Star-Wars-loving husband.
Who designed the bridesmaids dresses? Not sure actually… we got them from a bridesmaid dress store that’s around the country. Bella bridal maybe? I’ll need to look into that one!
And your groom – tell me about his look – who was his suit designer? Any other significant accessories? He and his groomsmen rented tuxes from Menguin. A portion of the profits go to fund Penguin conservation and advocacy! Eric calls me his penguin, so it was amazing when we got his tux in the mail a few days before the wedding and they included a super cute plush penguin for us to keep. It was meant to be 🙂 I also sent Eric little gifts throughout the day and one of them was a set of cufflinks that said “I love you” and “I know” which is a famous line from Star Wars. He looked so handsome 🙂

Why did you choose me, Jenny, to be your wedding photographer? Caplan Miller sent us a list of photographers to review and we loved your work. After our introductory call with you, I felt really comfortable with you right off the bat. THEN, we had our engagement photos and we were obsessed with you. You are hilarious, fun, and damn good at what you do–everything we could have ever wanted in the person photographing our wedding. One of my favorite moments at the wedding (overall, not just with you) was when you came up to me during the reception to grab my ring so you could photograph it. I was talking to someone and you asked for my rings, looked over to the person I was talking to and completed deadpan said “Yeah, she didn’t pay me.” and walked away. I burst out laughing. It’s those little things that made you part of our day, part of our experience, part of our guests’ experience. We so appreciate you, your sense of humor, and the care you put into everything you did leading up to our wedding and that weekend.

What was one of your favorite moments from your wedding day? I don’t even know where to start with this one. I loved getting ready with my best friends, I loved the first look, I loved the ceremony, I loved the reception…I just don’t even know where to start! What was your favorite image from your wedding day? This one is tough…I attached a few of my faves, but I loved them all so much!
Did any of your other vendors go above and beyond for you? Obviously, Caplan Miller is the best of the best. The Four Seasons did an amazing job, Wendee did an amazing job… You are our favorite though 🙂
Do you have any tips to share with other couples? Just the normal cliche stuff… it all goes by so fast. Enjoy every single minute of it and don’t skimp out on videos, photos, or anything else that helps you relive the memories because when the weekend is all done (and it will be, quickly), you want those special moments captured so they last a lifetime.

Special Thanks to the Vendor Team:

Event Coordinator: Caplan Miller Events

Venue: The Four Seasons

Catering: The Four Seasons

Cake Artist: The Four Seasons

Music: The Night Owls

Florist: Wendee Sawran

Videographer: Lizama Videography

Hair and Makeup: Lauren Lumdsen