Sweet Jewish Wedding at Ma Maison

August 7, 2018
Detail photos of the brides gold sparkle heels and wedding invitations.
Wide angle photo of the getting ready venue.
Bridesmaids smile with the bride before they get ready.
Groomsmen help put on the groom's tie.
the brides satin white wedding dress hangs above a window.
Mother of the bride helps put on the bride's shoes.
Portraits of the bride in her full wedding attire.
Portraits of the groom in his full wedding attire.
The bride shows off her look to her bridesmaids.
Father of the bride sees his daughter for the first time.
Bride sneaks up on her husband for the first look.
Bride and groom are in awe of each other's looks.
The groom holds his bride's hands.
The couple embraces in a garden.
Portraits of the bride in her satin wedding gown.
Intimate photos of the bride and groom.
Portraits of the groom in his blue suit.
Bride signs the marriage license.
Parents of the groom look at the signage.
Groom is walked down the aisle by his parents.
Groom sheds a tear as he looks at his bride.
Wide angle shot of the wedding ceremony.
The new husband and wife are presented.
Bride and groom walk down stairs towards the reception.
The couple shares their first dance.
Guests join the bride and groom on the dance floor.
The bride is life high on a chair.
The new married couple celebrate with a Jewish tradition.
The couple cuts their wedding cake together.