Detail photos of the wedding invitations and bride's ball gown wedding dress.
Detail photo of the grooms accessories.
Bride talks with her bridesmaids as they get ready.
Groom gets help as he puts on his bowtie.
Bride hugs her bridesmaids.
Bride throws her head backing laughing as they do her makeup.
Bride poses with all of her bridesmaids.
Bridesmaids help button up the wedding dress.
Groom puts on his final touches.
Bride sits on a bed as she puts on her heels.
Her best girls help her put on her shoes.
Bride poses in front of a window as her look is complete.
Bride shows off her look to her wedding party.
The father of the bride walks in to see his daughter.
The father and daughter share a sweet dance.
A detail shot of the father holding his daughter's hand.
The father of the bride looks lovingly at his daughter.
The bride approaches her husband for the first look.
The groom kisses the bride's hand.
The couple poses together on a couch.
An intimate shot of the couple on a stairwell.
The couple dances together in the Driskill.
Bridesmaids walk with the bride towards the ceremony.
Bride looks in the mirror as the veil is put on her.
Flower girls line the aisle with rose petals.
A wide angle above shot of the ceremony.
The groom has a big smile as the bride walks down the aisle.
The bride smiles and laughs as she is hand in hand with her fiancé.
A wide angle shot fo the church.
The couple walks down the aisle as newly weds.
The couple yells as they exit the church.
Bride and groom pose for solo shots outside of the church.
The couple enter the reception area under an arch of roses.
The couple shares their first dance together.
The groom twirls his bride.
Guests watch and enjoy this sweet moment.
The bride dances with her father.
The groom dances with his mom.
The parents give speeches at the reception.
Bride and groom cut their floral wedding cake.
The reception dancing commences with masquerade masks.
Bride and groom dance on the dance floor.
A overall shot of the wedding reception.
Bride throws her bouquet towards her girls.
The band's singing creates a lively crowd.
Guests watch and dance along.
The couple puts on silly hats as they dance.
An intimate shot of the couple dancing on the dance floor alone.
The couple ends the night as guests shower them with rose petals.
The couple leaves in a chariot.

Q. How did you pick your wedding venue?

While Matt had always pictured of an outdoor wedding and myself, an indoor Catholic ceremony in a church we knew we had to somehow merge the two visions.  We are both complete suckers for a good backdrop so pursuing St. Mary Cathedral in Austin was a bit of a no-brainer.  It had a very elaborate yet simple and intimate feel to it that we absolutely loved.  Antebellum Oaks gave us the chance to incorporate some of the beauty of hill country in central Texas.  The lights wrapped around the twisted oak trees had us from the get-go.  It was so nice to have two lawn areas for our guests to experience and mingle while still having a gorgeous building/venue for dinner and dancing.

Q. Describe your decor and how you chose it?

I wanted a softer elegant feel almost as if the elegance was accidental versus deliberate, hence a softer purple/mauve/wisteria color palette instead of a bolder purple.  We love lights so made sure candles, string lights, uplighting and a little bang from a firework show was included.  Personal touches we wanted to include revolved around family members who had passed, quote Matt always says to me “what my baby wants, my baby gets”, travel themed pieces with a map engraved on guestbook, ornaments for guests in the shape of Texas (where wedding was held as most people were out of state.)  And then finally, as the honeymoon was a surprise (Matt planned the whole thing and didn’t tell me anything), thus he incorporated clues without me knowing such as mailing the bakery Madagascar vanilla beans to include in the frosting of the cake, having the bar serve South African wines, and finally the reveal of having the band dedicate Toto’s song “Africa” to me.

Q. Tell me about your attire – who designed your dress and where did you buy it?

My dress was designed by Pronovias (Pronovias Princia) and I purchased it at Liv & Love Bridal in San Antonio.  I had the seamstress add on little off the shoulder lace to wear during the ceremony part of the day.  My veil was custom made as I wanted cathedral length and lace around the edges with it cascading from the front to the back.

Q. Why did you pick me as your photographer?

In looking at the compilation of work from start to finish of a given wedding day, I always saw such a beautiful story being told when looking through Jenny’s photos.  And each one very unique within itself.  Her photos stood out from all the other photographer’s work I looked at, as it had a certain quality that was above and beyond a standard nice picture.  In talking to Jenny, I knew she was very experienced and it sealed the deal for me in choosing to go with her as our wedding photographer.

Q. What was one of your favorite moments from your wedding day?

Maybe that we pulled off our first dance without Matt stepping on my dress or dropping me! Just kidding – although that was such a thrilling moment for us.  One of the moments I always dreamed of was those doors of the church opening for me to walk down that aisle, I will never forget that moment.  It was honestly just such a perfect day, we couldn’t have pictured anything better than being able to have so much fun smiling, dancing and celebrating with all of our family and friends.

Q. What vendors went above and beyond for you?

Altared Events really did a phenomenal job in creating our lighting vision.  Between the uplighting, the string lighting to the center of the room and the light wall behind the band it can often be the little elements that add something extra.  High Fidelity also did a superb job playing songs that kept people dancing all night long – they really brought the energy and made it come alive on the dance floor! Big Dog Pyro also hit it out of the park with a big bang for the firework show and fountain light exit.

Q. Any tips for other couples?

At the end of the day, no matter what happens, your goal will happen – you will be married! 🙂

A special thanks to the vendor team:

Planner: Megan Metzger

Stationary: Pink Champagne Paper

Ceremony Venue: Central Christian Church

Reception Venue: The Driskill