Hi Kalin + John

I hope you are doing well! Thank you so much for your patience. I am excited to share your album design!

Each image is a 'spread' you are viewing which is 2 facing pages together when you open up the album. The album is ready to print as is if you would like to approve the draft. Or you can choose to make revisions in the comments section to switch out photos or add/remove spreads.

Make sure you are specific on your revision request like: "Change upper left photo to image no. 135" or "replace 2nd photo from the left (brides bouquet) with photo number #456." Requests like "use the kissing photo on page 12" is too vague.

To add an additional spread, just write in the comment box on the page where you want to insert the spread and say: Please insert additional spread before this one with the following photos: (and then give me a list).

To remove a spread, just write: REMOVE

Be sure you hit enter after you type your comments to save what you have written in the comments window. If you don't hit enter, it will not save.

When you have finished your comments, please click the "Send Comments" button. Otherwise, if you are happy with the design, please click "I Approve My Album".

Thank you,

Jenny DeMarco