Album Spread Design

Each and every album begins with a custom design that is curated and revised through a proofing process until it contains everything that you want to remember about the big day. I have photographed many weddings over the years, and album size and spread count tend to vary as much as the individuals do, so here is some information to help you understand spread count and how big of an album you might want.

To start the process, we will design a draft layout for you after the premiere of your final photos. We are editors by trade, so on the occasion that couples request that we stay within a budget (or a certain amount of spreads), we are happy to oblige and do our best to present the story within those limitations. However, I find the best method is to just let us start designing and present to you what we feel is the best representation of your wedding, and then you can take the design from there and make as many changes as you want.

On average, most album designs have roughly 3 to 4 images per spread. This varies from design to design, as some spreads will only have 1 picture (as a gorgeous full spread) and others will pack in a ton, usually in the detail and dancing spreads.  That being said, you can fit about 30-35 images in a 10 spread book.  Here are some proof examples:

Most couples choose to upgrade their albums and purchase additional spreads after the wedding (once they have received their photos). The album process does take some time (to allow for decisions and revisions), so couples have plenty of time to save up for their upgrade (or use some of the wedding gift money towards upgrading). We also provide payment plans.  My goal is that each and every couple gets the size album that they want up front so that they don’t regret it later.  This is a future family heirloom, after all.

The final size of the album is totally up to you and what you feel comfortable with. Below are some samples of past album designs ranging from the most basic (10 spreads) all the way to a whopping double volume (48 spreads) book!

 10 spreads – (Kelsey + Brian – Camp Lucy Hill Country Wedding)

12 spreads – (Lillie + Chase – backyard wedding at Hotel St. Cecelia 

14 spreads – (Amy + Kent colorful, modern, and fun Prospect House wedding) 

20 spreads (Anna + Tanner – fun and warm wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel Austin)

24 spreads (Joel + Jeff – modern gay wedding at Prospect House)

26 spreads (Kat and George – traditional wedding at Barton Creek Resort)

28 spreads (Anne + Mark – amazing and beautiful wedding at Central Christian Church and Hotel Van Zandt)

32 spreads  (Kristi + Chris – sweet and romantic outdoor hill country wedding)

36 spreads (Lauren + Danny – super sweet and beautiful Jewish wedding at the Four Seasons)

37 spreads (Lauren + Max – glamorous and colorful wedding at Central Christian Church and Four Seasons) 

48 spreads (Aaron + Diana – romantic wedding at the Driskill)