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OMG! Bethany has the most expressive and beautiful blue eyes! This chicka is graduating this spring and it was such a pleasure photographing her. I just love her style; relaxed, kinda hipster yet very beautiful. Here is wishing her the best of luck! I just love this photo…she
When Holly would sign all her emails ‚ÄòHolly and the Zoo‚Äô, I always assumed she referred to her two sons and her husband‚Ķ  boisterous boys right?  Nope, she is referring to the many animals that are apart of her wonderful family.  She has three horses (one whi
I am back after a few weeks in California…and I can’t wait to post pictures my trip and also from the great time I had hanging out with this guy! So keep checking back, I promise fun stuff is coming soon.
Laura is my high school BFF’s little sister and I can’t believe she is now a mom. And what a wonderful and amazing mom she is. This is her new little arrival, Evan. (That is her handsome husband Bo) Laura defines grace…and her calm and cool personality put this litt
Benefits of moving back to Texas 1. Dining alfresco in the warm summer nights‚Ķ 2. Taking advantage of dad‚Äôs fancy new grill‚Ķand 3. Eating the best damn steak on this earth!   This is how an Italian cooks steaks‚Ķwith a glass of red wine. Hank is here to insp
This is little Silas! His parents and I went to high school together, but this was the first chance I got to meet Silas since I was living in Ireland. I was literally keeping track of mom's status updates on Facebook the days leading up to his birth. One of my favorite babies and
Yep‚ Jenny DeMarco Photography has opened its doors! And, this is my first client! Silas, who is 6 months old. Here is a sneak peak. Isn't he cute‚ check out that grin! More to come in the next few days from this shoot so be sure to check back soon or subscribe and that way y
The weekend of my sisters wedding, I had the chance to check out Austin a bit more (since that is eventually where we are going to end up hopefully in the next month or two). And once we discovered South Congress, I was in love. Its funky, hip, and affordable. Its everything abou
Athens has a special place in this girl‚Äôs heart and this most certainly won‚Äôt be my last visit. This is a gritty and chaotic city‚Ķand I love it!     I think the theatre is one of my favorites because you can see the centre throne and the chairs in the fron