Mom, let's go for a walk in these woods over there…they're a bit scary, but you’ll be there with me and so I will feel safe. I want to go exploring, will go with me? I like to get right down and look at all these critters crawling on the ground… I found
I just can't wait any longer... I have been running ragged shooting and editing these last few weeks, but I just can't wait. I have to put up one teensy, intsy peak to kick off the start of several new posts to come... . . . Here are some of the posts that are in
I have been out of touch for a while…but there is good reason for that. For those that don’t know, Chris and I got married a few weeks ago and it was an amazing night. But, this isn’t about that. This is about the Mariachis, well, one Mariachi in particular. We took Chris
    Hello mister blue eyes! This is Max‚Ķisn‚Äôt he cute. He was all too happy to join in some of the fun with his two older sisters when we went to the park and rode on the carousel.  Just look at the smile on this one!       He
I am completely biased on this one, but I truly believe that the absolute luckiest women out there are the ones blessed to have a sister. When I was editing these photos from my latest shoot of the Patrick family (I will be showing off handsome Max here soon too)… I couldn’
Now that I am official resident of Texas again, I felt it was an important cultural experience to show my Irish man what a County Fair is all about here this great state. And it just happens that Brenham is home to one of the largest and best in the state…the Washington County
Don‚Äôt you! The weekend is over, the To-Do list seems overwhelming, and darnit, I really don‚Äôt want to get out of my cozy bed. If ‚ÄòMonday‚Äô were a person that I could meet‚ĶI think I would give it this face!   But, then‚Ķ as the day moves on and I sit down to
OMG! Bethany has the most expressive and beautiful blue eyes! This chicka is graduating this spring and it was such a pleasure photographing her. I just love her style; relaxed, kinda hipster yet very beautiful. Here is wishing her the best of luck! I just love this photo…she
When Holly would sign all her emails ‚ÄòHolly and the Zoo‚Äô, I always assumed she referred to her two sons and her husband‚Ķ  boisterous boys right?  Nope, she is referring to the many animals that are apart of her wonderful family.  She has three horses (one whi