My little sister is getting married this Saturday…yikes! This week to prepare for the big event, we have flown the queen of baking…my incredible Auntie Roz (and her darling assistant daughter, Tricia) down to Texas to oversee “operation wedding cookies!”. I grew up on the
Well, Chris and I were unable to fly back to Texas today because of some thunderstorms in the US…so we will be catching our flight tomorrow instead. In the meantime while we wait, I have have been wanting to post some more photos from the wedding we went to in Greece. These a
That market was buzzing….can you see Chris? I love watching the older folks selling their produce from their gardens…I could picture my nonnie and popo here. We bought Olive oil from this fella and he gave us a sampling of their homemade pork sausage…yummo!
warm sea air and a gorgeous view from the balcony of our hotel…. jealous yet…how about this one… Don’t you wish you were swimming there… Or perhaps enjoying a refreshing Greek salad at a cafe on the beach Of course with some famous Kalamata olives just
Monaco was a must see for Chris, whom is a avid Formula One fan (for those that don’t know what that its IndyCar for the rest of the world)… these are sleek and fast, really fast. With the famous Monaco Grand Prix taking place only three weeks earlier, the tire marks were lit
I was fiddling around with this photo again and I think it looks better in black and white. I was showing this to my aunt last night and she said that she could just feel that little kid was feeling absolute comfort and safety through this photograph….
While at the wedding, I had the chance to meet the grooms brother and his adorable little son, Adam. This kiddo had the sweetest and most inquisitive expression. But what just melted my heart the way his daddy gently held him… And held his wee hand… It was wonder
Ah….the French Rivera….can I just pretend to be glamorous for one evening. Two of my favorite things to do in their absolute best form….slow strolls and eating! Unfortunately, Nice did not give Chris a good first impression, but that is because we drove into the city…so
Chris and I had the pleasure of attending one of his good friends wedding in Greece and wow.what a beautiful ceremony‚ The Greek Orthodox service was amazing beautiful, rich in old customs, symbols and culture. I had such a wonderful time and promise to post some more photos of o
As agreed by Clarkson, Hammond and May….the San Bernardino Pass is supposedly THE best driving road in Europe…and although I wasn’t driving, I would have to agree as a passenger…this was pretty fun. Again, I was hanging half out of the window trying to photograph the scen