Last night our wonderful hosts not only fed us the most amazing home cooked indian food...but then played tour guide and took us on an evening stroll to walk off our well fed bellies. Zurich never entered my radar as a place to visit and see when I was backpacking during college.
Just a note to say we have landed in Zurich and are staying with some dear friends...tomorrow they are taking us hiking up the mountains to where one of my favorite books is set...'Heidi'... ..and hoping to catch some amazing photos of the scenery....
Chris and I went for drive down in Donegal last promised here are a few of the snapshots... Over looking the Atlantic Rockin' our converse at the beach That signs says 'Danger - No Swimming'....a bit scary considering the beautiful scenery.
Okay, since I've lived in Ireland, I have obsessed with the lambs in the spring, begging Chris every year to take me out for a drive in the country so I can have a look at the cute things. The green hills in the background and sheep it! Anyway, I finally this year