Bridal Shoot Locations

With so many stunning location options for bridal portraits, I thought it would be helpful to post a little bit about each one to assist with the selection. Below are some on-site photographs, descriptions, and links to the websites of each location to visit for more information about policies, fees, and booking.


The Commodore Perry Estate sits on 10 acres on Waller creek in central Austin. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001. A restored Mediterranean revival style, it has a cozy library with walnut paneling, a sunroom cut from limestone, as well as hand crafter ironwork that makes it a beautiful place to take bridal photos.



Barr Mansion is an old ornate Eastlake Victorian home in what was once Sprinkle, Tx. The Artisan Ballroom is made from reclaimed wood from an 18th century Dutch barn in New York, showing their luxuries and eclectic style. With plenty of natural light and open spaces, The Barr Mansion has plenty to offer for a wedding or a bridal shoot location.


What’s more creative than shooting your bridal portraits in an art house? Laguna Gloria is one of two sites of The Contemporary Austin art museum. With both indoor and outdoor space available, bridal sessions are always beautiful here with an outdoor garden of both native and foreign plants, and a chic, checkerboard-floor interior. For creatives and elegant brides alike, Laguna Gloria is a gorgeous space for portraits.


A famous Austin boutique hotel, Hotel Ella was built in 1900 and later renovated to create a perfect balance of modern and historic architecture and decor. The space allows for bridal portraits to be taken on the porch or indoors where countless works of art hang on the walls. The unique and creative style of Hotel Ella is a perfect match for the modern bride.


Chateau Bellevue’s French Romanesque architecture caters to a romantic and classy atmosphere for a bridal session. Built in 1874, the space is decorated with stain glass windows, glamorous chandeliers, detailed woodwork, and elaborate furniture. The lighting and decor will compliment any elegant bride seeking sophisticated and classy portraits.