Debossing and Cameos

Debossing Fonts

If you’d like to add your names to the album cover, please choose one of the following 6 fonts.  You can choose up to two lines of phrasing.

My favorites are Edinburgh (small letters or all capitals), and Devon (capital letters).  I recommend using either all capital letters, or all small letters, for a clean and modern look.  The ampersand (&) is available in all fonts, or you can spell out the word “and” (recommended if your names are shorter).

Blind debossing is our default debossing style for all cover materials. When covers are blind debossed, it means that no color or foil is added to the stamp. However, some of our Luxe Leathers show a slightly darker tone in areas that are debossed (primarily seen on Latte, Chai & Camel – sometimes noticeable on Vino, Alpine & Fog).

Foil debossing is available exclusively for our new Luxe Linen covers. Color options include gold, silver, and rose gold.


Custom debossing allows you to create designs and fonts specific to your album. This is a great way to use fonts or custom wedding logos creating in your wedding stationery and branding. Custom debossing is an additional $75 charge.


Pictured Above: Irish Cream Distressed Leather |Fonts: ADELICIA SCRIPT | FILOSOFIA


Pictured Above: Moccasin Distressed Leather | Font: BOMBSHELL PRO


Pictured Above: Chocolate Distressed Leather | Font: CAROLYNA PRO

Cover Cameo

You may also choose to add a cover cameo to your album, in addition to, or in place of, debossing. Cover cameos are cut-outs in the center of the cover, with a favorite image placed inside the cutout.  Cover cameos cost $40 plus tax and are a great way to personalize your wedding album and work great with all album cover materials.


Pictured Above: Champagne silk fabric with cameo.


Pictured Above: Pistachio and Pure Linen (with Cameo)