Alternative Leather Options



These leathers have textures and amazing finishes which are perfect for an accent piece or the entire album. My favorites are komodo dragon (which I have on one of my personal albums) and sagebrush lizard.






All that Jazz

The leathers have great finishes and subtle qualities that feel like old classics. I pretty much love every single one of these leathers, but my favs are biker chick, bomber jacker and chiara. Chiara remind me of English riding boots.



All that Jazz




The Basics

These are very traditional color leathers and great for a classic book. I have opaline as an accent stripe on my personal album. Miami Ink is a perfect matte black leather. But the grey leather, 50 shades, has been very popular recently.





These patterned and tooled leathers are really beautiful. My favorites are date book and ludicrous. Love junky is a very sexy suede with thick texture. Its kinda of amazing for a boudoir album. Also, secret garden is very popular as well for outdoor Texas Hill Country weddings.




*** These last two sets have upgrade costs ***

The Nines

These statement leathers for sure and with the right wedding, can be really cool and unique album. They are high fashion luxury patterns and tooled leathers. My favorites for a true Texas wedding are Wallflower  (which has a suede feel to it) and Brass Monkey. They make great accents. Sex and Candy would be great for a boudoir album, winter wedding or Chinese wedding.




This collection is available for a front cover or a strip accents only.  So if you every wanted sparkly cow hide – here it is. Some day, the right country couple is going to find this absolutely perfect for their ranch wedding. My two favorites are Glitterazti- which is gold glitter on black background and super sparkly. I also love Bling Dynasty.