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As agreed by Clarkson, Hammond and May….the San Bernardino Pass is supposedly THE best driving road in Europe…and although I wasn’t driving, I would have to agree as a passenger…this was pretty fun. Again, I was hanging half out of the window trying to photograph the scen
We left our good friends Chris and Gillian on Monday (Gillian must be the best hostess in the world...thanks a billion for your gracious hospitality...) From Zurich, we headed east towards Devon. Our route took us from Davos to Stelvio via Bormio...but basically we were in the mi
Chris and I went for drive down in Donegal last week...as promised here are a few of the snapshots... Over looking the Atlantic Rockin' our converse at the beach That signs says 'Danger - No Swimming'....a bit scary considering the beautiful scenery.