Rockabilly meets Zapata :: Ronda and Cody are Engaged

October 15, 2010

This couple is why I love my job. I am not going to lie, I was having a bad day, bad week in fact before on the day of their shoot. I had been burning the candle at both ends and was completely exhausted from working non stop, 7 days a week, days and weekends for about two or three weeks straight. Its a bit of blur, I don’t quite remember it too well. So, when I left the house I wasn’t all that excited to go because, well, I needed a nap! But for a couple getting married and investing in a photographer, I still had to put on the game face and give it my all.

But you see, when I got there and we started shooting, it wasn’t long before I remembered why I love what I do. I get to be around and photograph people who are in love. And just just regular love. No. Drunk stupid in love. The only two people in the world in love. Have your own little inside jokes in love. Love, where no matter what, as long as you have each other everything is going to be okay.

Cody was very excited about the engagement shoot. Ronda, was a little nervous and hesitant at first. Luckily for her, she has found herself a best friend that can make her laugh and at ease in an instant!

We headed over to the ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ mural to start. Ronda and Cody will have a little skeleton bride and groom on top of their cake! Can’t wait. They love Dia’ de los Muertos.

Also, they are into their Mexican history…and I got a little lesson the some certain Mexican Revolutionary’s. Viva Zepata! (A little throw back to Ronda’s heritage)

Okay, not only was Ronda adorning the cutest Betty Paige haircut and poka-dot vintage dress…but the shoes were awesome.

Okay, so now I would like to give a big shout out to a very kind and also awesome fella names Orlando (Ollie) Ponce. See, were were stolling along E. 6th street and shooting when we spot this pretty cool motorcycle across the road. I joke to Ronda and Cody..okay, now I want you to go hop on that fellas bike and lets take some more photos. (just joking). We laugh, say how cool that would be because Cody does actually ride and it would be fitting for their whole rocka-billy concept. Anyway, we cross the street and start taking a few more images on a near by bench when Ollie comes strolling out of the restuant asking Ronda and Cody if their were getting married and want hop on his bike! How random is that!

So thank you Ollie for letting us use your bike! Ollie is an Argentinian Tango instructor…so if you want to contact him, give me a shout and I will give you his number!

Now, on with the show. The other real reason I love photographing this couple is because Cody can make Ronda light up like a Christmas Tree. You see, he whispers something funny or sweet in her ear and this girls eyes sparkle! It makes my heart melt…Now that is a catch!

Absolute joy in both their faces!

I think these two are going to be happy together for a long, long, long time and end up being that cute little old couple that still love each other like they do today! I can hear the old man Cody’s wisecracks now!

And so my friends. This is why I love my job.