Jennifer + Landry :: Married | St. Paul’s, Brenham, Texas

December 22, 2010

This wedding is very special to me. Jennifer and Landry have been good family friends for as long as I can remember and I think they have been together even longer. It was such a wonderful day seeing these two high school sweethearts stand up before an entire town and proclaim their love and devotion for one another. They have been together for over 8 years and watched most of their friends get hitched. I think everyone was waiting for their turn. It was THE event in Brenham that night, with over 1200 people on the guest list. Yes, that is two zeros. It was literally the coming together of two towns. (Brenham and Burton) And while I am used to some of the some pretty high-end fancy shindigs here in Austin, Jennifer and Landry transformed their local venue to a five star affair. Every surface was covered in black satin. Seeing so many friends and family help these two put together this truly amazing event was really touching to me. Yep, that is how they manage to do it in these small towns. Aunties, friends, neighbors, co-workers…they all pitch in to help this couple have the wedding of their dreams. Which for now Mrs. Fuchs, that means ‘glamor and drama’.

I love that Jennifer is not afraid of big hair and full on makeup. She wears it so well. I swear, she was born in the wrong era sometimes.

Everyone helped fluff her tool..even the flower girls, who thought is was way too much fun.

It became pretty real when mom was putting on the jewelry.

This is one of my favorites. Not that we didn’t have enough amazing photos from her bridal session, we just had to have a few more. I don’t think I will ever get bored photographing and working with Jen.

Check out her bling too. So pretty, I love this ring.

Right, time for the ceremony. I love photos of the wedding party and family waiting behind the scenes for it to all begin.

Jennifer and Landry wrote their own vows. They talked about their journey together, from high school sweethearts that ‘liked’ each other, to falling in love, growing into adults and now getting married. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place.

Can you tell I was in love with the beautiful stained glass windows at the front of St. Paul’s church. And that staircase! Its such a beautiful space.

Now, on to the party! And let me tell you this wasn’t with out its own drama. Their venue had to go through some renovations right before their wedding and the entire town was praying that they would finish in time. Construction literally wrapped days before their wedding and as Landry said ‘the training center never looked so good!)

And to signify that party has started, no true Washington County wedding is complete without the Grand March.

For those of you not familiar with the Grand March, the couple ends up in the middle of

I remember many, many years ago one weekend when I came home from college, my sister had a little get together out at my parents house. And like all good parties out in the county, this meant pulling the tractors out of the barn and making space for a dance floor. I think this is when I met Jennifer and Landry. Mandy pointed them out dancing together to some slow country song, round a make-shift dance floor in a barn by themselves. They were in their own moment then. I noticed at their wedding, they still danced the same way. Like they are the only two people in the world.

Congratulations you two! I love you both!

Click play and watch their slideshow below.

Here are a few of the details and some people that helped put this event together.

Venue: St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Brenham Fireman’s Training Center

Hair: The amazingly talented Ashley Wilkerson Sulik and her beauty team from MIMOSA SALON. These girls know hair, and Ashley’s exceptional expertise delivered the glamor and ‘big texas hair’ that this bride envisioned

Makeup: Only my gal Zoraima Pelaez could meet Jennifer’s high standards for poppin’ makeup. She left Austin at 6am that morning with her assistant to be there for this wedding. Way to go girl you knocked it out of the park!

Flowers: Jennifer is an extremely talented florist and put together all the reception flowers with the help of some family friends. Her personal friend and mentor, Tanya Phiefer created the largest bouquet I have ever seen that only Jen could pull that off.

Grub: Ricky’s Catering out of Sommerville.

Music: Todd Wellmann from Puttin’ on the Hits was the master of ceremony and dj A good DJ is key to great receptions shots. They help to keep the dance floor full. Thanks dude for keeping those booties rockin’

Labor: Thanks to all the friends and family that helped put together the training center and execute this great wedding.

And…..a very, very special thank-you to my talented second shooter (and chief technical officer) and love of my life, Chris. He did a great job and managing our photobooth, running around with my ‘light on a stick’ and still was able to catch some killer shots in between. Love you babes!