New Braunfels Wedding :: Ronda + Cody

January 12, 2011

As you know, this is one of my favorite couples to shoot and I have been looking forward to their wedding since their engagement shoot here in Austin. This couple is animated and their love for each other is wonderful to photograph. Let me tell you, these two are truly unique individuals, proud of their rock n’ roll style and not afraid to show emotion and affection in front of people.

They worked really hard to put on this shindig. Doing all the heavy lifting themselves, setting up the decor and adding all their own personal touches. Running a mad dash to the church just about 15 minutes before the ceremony started. (This is why wedding coordinators are worth their weight in gold! )

But, one thing that makes weddings so great to be apart of, it that in all my experience the same thing always happens. Despite the hard work and sometimes chaos and stress that ensues beforehand, once the bride walks down the isle, all that stuff, well…just seems so insignificant. It becomes about THAT moment, of standing up in front of all your family and friends and saying, ‘Yep, darling, your are the one for me! I love you and lets give this life together everything we got. You and Me.’.









Ronda and Cody might have frantically flew into the church a mere minutes before the ceremony started, but they made room for a photo session between the ceremony and reception. Photography was high on their list of priorities for their wedding and we made sure that they got the most out of it. We hoped in my car after the ceremony and buzzed quickly around the small town of New Braunfels. What a great little town!






Look, we managed to get another motorcycle into their shoot!




Weather you see each other before the ceremony or not, setting aside a good chunk of time to take portraits together ROCKs. You will be glad you did. After all, that is what cocktail hour is for right?


Okay so this couple incorporated several very sentimental and personal touches to their wedding details. Their toasted glasses are mugs for the 1978 Wurstfest. The funny thing about these, is that they bought them completely separately. I guess they knew they were a good fit when they saw this mug in each others kitchen cabinet. Cody thinks its a sort of Serendipity fate thing.


Another was their Dia de Los Muertos Cake toppers, which Ronda painted herself.



These were her shoes that she wore down the isle. (A big thank to Annie Ray for letting me use her backdrop, lights and funny glasses)







Ronda has Mexican-American heritage. This being my first Latin wedding, I was schooled on some of the music, culture and dancing. They danced to Cumbia music in a sort of Cotton-Eye-Jo style around the dance floor (but much for latin hip swaying). Anyway, the aunties and grannies loved this one.




After the Cumbia music, then it was just time to step out and get their dance on.





I love these next two shots.





So one more story before I go.

Cody’s Aunt and Uncle were one of the victims hit hard by hurricane Rita. They lost pretty much everything. But one of the few things they took with them was a gift they gave to Ronda and Cody for their wedding present. Safely stored in beat up bible box was an original signed copy of Johnny Cash’s autobiography, Man In Black.

new-braunfels-wedding-photographer-32.jpg new-braunfels-wedding-photographer-33.jpg

As you might be able to tell, these two are into their music. They love Willie Nelson, The Ramones, The Stooges, Spoon, Elvis, Pantera…but Cody is a big fan of Johnny Cash. This was probably the best wedding present ever! Now if I am correct, Mrs. Ray Cash is Johnny Cash mother. So I think this book was a gift to his mom. Way Cool.



Our final shot of the night, we snuck out of the reception to take a final portrait in front of the local theater. The manager was kind enough to turn on the lights for us. Cody, being a theater man himself, I think could have chatted with that fella all night.


Ronda and Cody, you two were awesome to work with. Real, down to earth and so in love. Many Thanks! Mwah!

Okay, now watch their slideshow here!

Ronda+Cody from Jenny DeMarco Photography on Vimeo.


Ceremony-St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, New Braunfels.

Reception: Seekatz Opera House, downtown New Braunfels

DJ: Stray Cat Productions

Photobooth: Annie Ray (she was totally sweet…loved working with her) Here is a link to their photo booth images:

Flowers: Ronda (the bride)

Cake Toppers: Hand painted by the bride.