Red Corral Ranch Wedding – Angelica and Nathan

November 4, 2011

This wedding had one of the most memorable wedding receptions I have ever seen! La Hora Loca is a Latin tradition that this Colombian bride and her family incorporated in their Texas hill country wedding at Red Corral Ranch. The bride and groom and all their guest put on costumes, masks, feather boas, beads and recreated a true carnival feel at their reception. Every enjoyed the fun including the grannies!

Nathan is a commercial fisherman and spends months in Alaska catching amazing fish which Angelica is a art teacher down in San Antonio. Their wedding was so beautiful and Angelica’s dress and entire look was just to die for!

Okay, I will get on with the show and fill in some more details in the post.

I love that Angie went for a bright and bold lip color!

Angie’s style was absolutely impeccable. I loved this jeweled white head piece and then she found a gorgeous cathedral length vintage lace veil that was absolutely stunning.

Their ceremony was held on the labyrinth at red corral ranch.

One of my favorite little moments during the ceremony was when Nathan gently swept Angie’s hair.

Okay, these bridesmaids had to be some of the most stylin ladies i have photographed. They all wore coordinating jewel tones hues of blues, purples and some neutral greys. Then they all had custom made hair pieces with birdcage veils (or russian bridal netting) adorned with beautiful peacock feathers.

But Angie’s dress really stole the show. So elegant. And loved that it was a different style than most brides are going for right now. Its was a silky satin off the shoulder gown that is so very appropriately names ‘the movie star’ from designer Amy Michaelson. Also, she had a really cool custom brooch bouquet that I had never seen before.

I love red corral ranch’s red party barn. It just magical at night.

Angie’s family dressed up in traditional Colombian costumes and danced a cumbia as a surprise for her and Nate.

So a bit from our bride:

  • Q. Bride: What is your favorite memory of the day?
    A. Dancing in the Hora Loca with all of our guests – Also when my family who dressed up in tradional colombian costume surprised us & Nate & I danced cumbia with candles!! Also getting serenaded at the wedding ceremony by Nate & all of his groomsman. Dancing with my father. Listening to Nates declare his beautiful vows :o)
  • Q. Groom: What is your favorite memory of the day?
    A. Dancing with my grandma. Dancing the first dance with Angie. When my groomsman all sang with me. Having all of our families meet for the first time!
  • Q. Bride: What advice would you give future brides?
    A. Try to think of what is most important to you & write everything down thats most important to you so you dont forget … because you will be so flustered & worried about ‘staying on schedule’ that you will forget everything you wanted to do on your wedding day!!!
  • Q. Groom: What advice would you give to future grooms?
    A. Delagate responisibilities to your family members & friends to help take the load off of yourselves. Most of the time they are so willing to help & you usually just forget to ask!! Remeber to ask for help becuase you cant do it all.

A Special Thanks to Angie and Nate’s wedding team:

Venue: Red Corral Ranch

Coordinator: Wedding Warriors

Band: Cien Fuegos

Catering: Whimberly Catering

Florist: Wow Factor Floral
If you want to see more click HERE for their slideshow