Romantic Four Seasons Wedding: Jenny and Chris

October 8, 2015

The elegant, floral wedding invitations are on display along with a few white flowers. The makeup artist pulls back the bride's hair as she puts the finishing touches on her look. The bride reads a letter her mom wrote to her before she begins getting dressed. The bride hugs her mother after reading the emotional letter.The father of the bride cannot hide his emotion as he sees his daughter for the first time. Bridesmaids gather around as the bride steps into her dress.  The groom ties his bowtie in the mirror with his best man at his side. The groom waits anxiously as the bride and her father walk down the staircase to meet him. The couple says their vows under a clear tent during the thunderstorm. The bride smiles at her groom as he recites his vows. The bride loving touches the groom's face after they each recite their vows. Flowers and candles line each table in the ballroom of the Four Seasons. Menus are elegantly displayed at each place setting. Beautiful centerpieces and beignets are just a few of the fun details from the reception. Soft, neutral flowers and candles act as beautiful centerpieces at the guest tables. The bride and groom share their first dance as their family and friends look on. The bride and groom share a sweet moment during their first dance. The bride hugs her father after they share a dance. The groom and his best man look on as the bride shares a dance with her father. The bride and groom raise their glasses as family and friends begin their toasts. The bride laughs at her husband as he gets up to sing during the reception. The bride and groom share a sweet embrace after cutting the cake, The bride and groom grab umbrellas and other props as the dancing begins. Friends of the couple hit the dance floor to celebrate. A guest shows off his moves when a favorite song begins playing. Friends of the couple goof off as the reception continues into the night. A guest shows off his moves as the last few songs are played. A friend hops on the shoulders of another guest for a picture as the reception draws to a close. Family and friends surround the bride and groom as they exit the reception hall, throwing flowers in their path. The bride and groom share one last kiss in the rain before jumping in their getaway car.

What are your day jobs? She is a therapist and he is a realtor.

Where did you both grow up? She grew up in Austin, he grew up in New Orleans.

How did you meet? We met while Chris was working as a waiter at Spanish Oaks Country Club (a place my parents have loved to go for dinner for years).

Tell me about the proposal? Chris thought I was onto the proposal (I wasn’t!) so he decided to make it as surprising as possible. We had planned to go for drinks to say goodbye to our friend who was moving to England but I was pretty grumpy after work! While I was complaining about work in the car on the way there, Chris said we should pull over and check out “our friend’s kayak race”. If I had been paying attention to my emails I would have known that our friend was in a bike race and it was in Colorado! He pulled over in a handicapped spot, which is totally unlike him and which meant more grumbling from me, but he successfully got me out on the bridge. I was walking slightly ahead of him down the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge and complaining that I didn’t see any kayaks when he took my hand… His was shaking so much I knew instantly that he must be proposing!

How did you choose your venue: The Four Seasons Hotel? We chose the Four Seasons Hotel because it was in the heart of downtown but still felt like its own little world! We loved the beautiful trees and scenery (despite not being able to fully enjoy them bc of the rain)! We were even more thankful for our decision once the floods hit and the Four Seasons still made the event spectacular.

Describe your decor and how you chose it? Chris and I chose our decor based on our wedding planner’s suggestion that we use Pinterest to create a board of things we liked. Two hours later, when we found our pinned items, we discovered they all sort of worked together. 

Why did you choose me, Jenny, to be your wedding photographer? We were referred to Jenny DeMarco by our wedding planner, Becky Brock. We loved the photo on Becky’s office that Jenny took so much, we asked for her right away.

What was one of your favorite moments from the your wedding day? “I loved being able to spend that day with my very best friends all in one room! We are never all in one place”-Jenny.  “Her walking down the aisle toward me” -Chris.

What was your favorite image from your wedding day? We both love the photos of us dancing and leading the 2nd line! We are having so much fun. The photo of us in the rain is breathtaking, too!

Did any of your other vendors go above and beyond for you? Our obvious answer would be a resounding “Brock + Co.”!! We also LOVED working with our wonderful photographer, Jenny DeMarco, and the unbelievably talented hairstylist, Laura Wyrtzen!

Do you have any tips to share with other couples? Don’t worry about what anyone else wants you to do and have fun… Even during a flood.


Thank you to this amazing vendor team!

Venue: Four Seasons

Event Planning and Design: Brock and Co. Events

Hair: Laura Wyrtzen

Decor: Townsley Designs

Cake: Polkadots

Florist: Wendee Sawran Petals

Band: Memphis Train Revue

Rentals: Marquee

Lighting and AV: FILO Productions