Country Club Wedding: Caitlynn and William

November 19, 2015

Bridesmaids look on as the bride's mother and sister put the final touches on her look. The bride displays her engagement ring against her dress. The beautiful details of the bride's dress and shoes add elegant touches to her look. The bride wait for the ceremony to begin. The groom and groomsmen hang out as they put the final touches on their look. The groom finishes dressing before the ceremony. The bride's mother and father prepare to leave for the ceremony/ The groom watches his bride walk down the aisle. The bride enters the church with her father before seeing her groom for the first time. The bride's father walks his daughter down the aisle before giving her away. The bride and groom look at each other happily during the ceremony.The newly wed bride and groom exit the church. The bride and groom share a sweet moment after the wedding. The bride and groom get a few minutes to themselves after the ceremony ends. The bride and groom show off their moves during their first dance. The bride and groom share a sweet embrace after their first dance. The bride and groom enter the reception as husband and wife. Guests of the bride and groom celebrate during the reception. A guest shows off her dance moves on the dance floor. A guest shows his funny side as the dancing continues. The band gets on the dance floor to celebrate with the guests. A guest dances to the lively music being played by the band. Bridesmaids hit the dance floor to celebrate the new couple. The groomsmen pose for a funny picture as the reception draws to a close. The groom grabs the mic as he and his friends celebrate during the last few moments of the reception. The bride and groom exit the reception as guests pour confetti on the new couple. The bride and groom jump in their getaway car as they leave the reception. The bride and groom share a sweet moment during fireworks at the end of the reception.

A little bit from the bride and groom…

What are your day jobs?

He works in Dallas at a commercial real estate company called HFF, she works in Fort Worth in F-35 supply chain at Lockheed Martin.

Where did you both grow up?

He grew up in Fort Worth, TX and she grew up in Temple, TX.

How did you meet?

Caitlynn moved from NYC to Fort Worth for graduate school and happened to meet William’s youngest sister, Jamie, through a girl she had gone to college with at A&M. Jamie then introduced Caitlynn to William at a bar one night and, as Caitlynn and Jamie became closer friends, she continued to run into William while out on the weekend. Eventually Caitlynn gave William her number and they began talking regularly. After that, William started to bring Caitlynn study snacks at the library, or stop by and chat before he headed back to Dallas from his bible study in Fort Worth. However, William still had not asked Caitlynn on a proper date and, after a couple of weeks he finally asked her to Reata for dinner. He later told her that he had to “break up with all the other girls he was seeing”…. Caitlynn just thinks he was scared.

Tell me about the proposal?

William had planned on proposing over the Christmas holiday, but Caitlynn’s dear grandfather (Papa) was very sick and in the hospital. William spent the Christmas holiday in Temple with Caitlynn’s family and decided it wasn’t the best time for a proposal. Right before the New Year, William drove to Temple to ask Caitlynn’s father for his blessing and also made sure Papa knew he was planning on marrying her.

On January 15th, William decided it was the day. He contacted Caitlynn’s family to let them know and her parents immediately drove to Fort Worth to celebrate with the happy couple and William’s family after the proposal. William bought hundreds of candles and flowers and began setting them up at Caitlynn’s apartment. He was running behind, so he tried to get his sisters to go to happy hour with Caitlynn, but she wasn’t interested after a long day at work. Although William claims he wasn’t finished setting everything up, it was beyond perfect. When Caitlynn got home from work she walked in the door to see William surrounded by candles with her favorite love song playing in the background. He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him and make him the happiest man in the world. Of course she said yes… after she finally quit saying “oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.” She was completely and utterly surprised, shocked and, once she actually realized what was happening, ecstatic.

A couple of weeks before the proposal, Papa passed away. Caitlynn will always be grateful to William for letting Papa know that he was proposing to her… Papa wished them a long and happy marriage just like his.


An extra special thank you to Lindsey Thorne for being my second shooter on this wedding. She has photographed with me a lot this year but this wedding most of my favorite images came from her camera that day (my favorites are the bridal portraits of Caitlynn by the window) when I was busy photographing family formals. Lindsey is an extremely talented boudoir photographer. Check out her website here: In My Boudoir.

Thank you to an amazing vendor team!

Event Coordinator: Karla McNeill Events

Ceremony: Christ Church Temple

Reception: Wildflower Country Club

Floral Designer: Creative Innovations

Cake: Simply Sweet

Music: Party Machine

Caterer: The Sammie Shack, Over the Plate, Miller’s BBQ

Videographer: Altared