Riverbed Church Wedding: Hunter and Kyle

June 22, 2016

Hunter and Kyle holding hands walking near the tennis courts at Barton Creek Resort. Bride and bridesmaids having their hair and makeup done in one of the hotel suites. Black and white silhouette of the bride in front of the lighted window. Mother and bridesmaid buttoning the bride's dress in front of the window in black and white. Father of the bride smiles as he sees the bride for the first time in the big reveal in black and white. Bridesmaids react as the bride is revealed to them with her complete hair and makeup. The image is in black and white. Artistic desaturated image of groom in tux, gazing off into the distance as he waits for his bride. Desaturated image of groom adjusting his cufflinks, a family heirloom. The image does not include the groom's face, but instead draws emotion from the detail of the hands. Groom smiles as he waits for his approaching bride to reveal herself to him. The image focuses on the anticipation in the groom's face and the bride is out of focus in the distance. Bride approaches groom to reveal herself in the first look. The attention is on the bride while the groom is out of focus, waiting to see the bride in her dress for the first time. . Bride and Groom embrace in the Omni Barton Creek Resort and Spa. This warmly-hued juxtaposition centers attention on the affectionate gazes of the soon-to-be newlyweds. After the first look, Hunter and Kyle lovingly embrace between the columns of the resort. The image is in black and white. Framed by the lush trees, Hunter and Kyle stand with their complete wedding party on the perfectly manicured golf course. Kyle hugs his mother as she smiles up at him in admiration in the Smith Family Chapel. The groom excitedly looks down the isle as he sees his bride. Guest admire the bride and her father as they walk down the isle of the church. An artistic overhead panorama shows the bride and her father as they walk towards the altar. The focus shifts from the figures in the image to both the bride's veil and the train on the dress. A black and white image centered on the aesthetically pleasing details of the bride's dress, flowers, and veil. The lace and buttons on the bodice of the dress contract with the silk of the bow on the back of the dress. A full perspective image captures the beauty of the arched altar and high ceilings of the chapel. The bride and groom hold hands on the altar. The couple is creatively framed by the glow of the candles. Hunter and Kyle celebrate and address the congregation as newlyweds. The elegant table settings at the pavilion of Barton Creek Square Resort. Bride and Groom share their first dance as husband and wife. Kyle kisses Hunter in this black and white image. The groom embraces the bride as she looks loving at her father who is giving them a toast. This black and white image centers on the appreciation the bride has for her father. Hunter's father leads her in a spin in the bride and father dance. The image is in black and white. Kyle's mother looks up at her son endearingly as they share a mother and groom dance. A goofy groomsman dances around the Barton Creek pavilion during the reception. The bride and her guest singing along to the live music at the wedding reception. An animated bridesmaid belts out lyrics to a song during the lively reception. Groomsmen dance together at the party. The energy of the reception is captured in this image. Two guest passionately dance together as a slow song plays. The newlyweds thank their guest and parents from the stage at the pavilion. The guest shower Hunter and Kyle in flower petals as the bride and groom make their grand exit. The bride and groom under a canopy of twinkling lights. A picture of Hunter and Kyle kissing is juxtaposed next to a picture of the couple gazing lovingly at one another.

How did you choose your venues – Barton Creek Resort and Smith Family Chapel?


We knew we wanted to get married in Austin and had originally wanted to get married outside. After considering the weather, because its Texas, we felt that trying to plan for heat, snow, rain etc. would be too stressful. So we then moved to an indoor venue. I wanted to get married in a church but didn’t want religion to be the dominant theme. Smith family chapel is one of the prettiest chapels in west Austin and is also non-denominational so we felt more comfortable. I really wanted a pretty church.


I grew up in Austin and grew up going to Barton Creek with my family. Barton Creek offered the luxury of having a hotel, so our guest didn’t have to travel far, besides when transportation was provided. Barton Creek offers multiple locations but we chose the Outside Pavilion for a number of reasons. For one, it is almost 100% enclosed by glass windows, or doors that can open to the outside. It was like having a reception outside without the worry. It also held just the right amount of people so that it wasn’t squished, but also wasn’t so big that it felt empty. The view is spectacular and overlooks the golf course so it had the perfect setting for cocktail hour, and lastly it has a fireplace. We had the fireplace going because our Wedding was in November and it was slightly chilly.


Describe your decor and how you chose it?

I wasn’t a high maintenance bride but there were three things I was adamant about. The first was that I wanted a black tie wedding. I think all men look so sharp in tuxs, especially my husband. The second was a band and third was an open bar.


I felt like the décor needed to match the dress code so everything was pretty formal. I love flowers and wanted as many as I could. I chose really romantic flowers like peonies, ranunculus, and spray roses. I picked colors like ivory, pinks and champagnes and opted to not include any purple or greenery (personal preference). There were millions of candles and mercury glass. We hired an amazing lighting technician to hang lights on the inside so it all came together feeling very romantic. I loved it.



Ceremony Venue: Smith Family Chapel

Reception Venue: Barton Creek Resort and Spa

Florist: Bouquets of Austin

Musician and DJ: Matchmaker Band

Hair Stylist: Hush Salon

Makeup Artist: Adore Makeup Salon