University of Texas Pom Squad Bride’s Wedding at The Austin Country Club

January 27, 2017

The bride and groom standing under the umbrella on the Austin Country club golf course with the Austin bridge in the background. A detail photo of the groom's accessories which includes imperial linens and a bowtie. A solo photo of the groom getting ready before the wedding. A photo of the groom and his twin brother spending time together as they get ready before the wedding. A black and white photo of a friend helping the groom with his bowtie. Two side by side portraits of the groom before the wedding in his tux. A detail photo of the bride's wedding day Jimmy Choo shoes, wedding invitation, and other accessories. A detail photo of the bride's wedding day gold Jimmy Choo shoes. A side by side portrait of the bride getting her make up done and having the back of her wedding dress zipped and buttoned. The bride getting her make up and hair done before the wedding with view of Austin bridge and hill country in the background. Friends and family sign the guest book on a table with candles and flowers before entering the church. The mother of the groom and the grandmother of the bride take their final look at the bride before the wedding. The bridesmaids have their first look at the bride in her dress and veil and give her hugs and love before the wedding. The bride and one of her bridesmaids share a moment of joy and love while holding hands before entering the church. The bridesmaids help the bride with her dress as she walks down the stairs to the church for the beginning of her wedding The groom and minister await the bride at the front of the church before the ceremony begins at Smith Family Chapel at River Bend Church. The ring bearer heads down the aisle in a small tux and converse while holding a sign to welcome the bridesmaids and the bride. The bride and her father walk down the aisle as the guests all rise to watch. A birds eye view of the bride and her father walking down the aisle towards the minister and groom surrounded by the guests, bridesmaids, family, and friends. The bride and her father reach the front of the church and the father shares a moment with the groom before the minister begins the ceremony. A view of the bride and groom holding hands during the ceremony surrounded by the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The Cross, candles, and musicians are shown in the background. The bride and groom smile at each other and hold hands during the ceremony. A groomsmen smiles at the bride and groom during the wedding. The minister places a hand on the groom as he continues the wedding ceremony and the bride is smiling up at the groom. The mother and father of the bride are shown in the pews holding hands and smiling up at the alter. The bride, groom, and minister share a moment while holding hands and closing their eyes in prayer over candles after lighting their unity candle. The groom holds his fist in the air with joy and excitement after the wedding as him and the bride walk down from the alter and down the aisle. The guests cheer and clap. A black and white photo of the bride and groom hugging and looking into each other's eyes. The bride and groom standing under the umbrella and looking into each other's eyes on the Austin Country club golf course with the Austin bridge in the background. A side by side portrait of the bride and groom standing under the umbrella and kissing on the Austin Country club golf course. The stairs and entrance of the church lined with candles. A photo of the dinner table and monogrammed dinner menu with each course. Side by side portraits of flower centerpieces at the dining tables. A picture of the engagement band, wedding ring, and the rooms wedding band. The bride and groom share their first dance as friends, family, and guests gather to watch. The bride and groom share their first dance and the groom turns the bride as she smiles. A black and white photo of the bride and groom sharing a moment during their first dance. The groom holds the bride close and holds her hand as they both close their eyes. The groom dips his mother during their first dance as guests gather to watch. Guests clap and dance along with the bride on the dance floor of the Austin Country Club. The lead singer of the band points the microphone to the bride to let her sing along with their song while her bridesmaids sing and dance along behind her. The bride and one her her bridesmaids look at each other and dance together on the dance floor as her friends laugh. The bride and one her guests dance together on the dance floor of the Austin Country Club. The bride and groom kiss beside their wedding cake which is decorated with flowers and a custom monogram. The bride playfully shoves cake in the grooms mouth after taking their first bite. The bride and her friends perform a University of Texas Pom routine on stage for their guests. Friends and family gather to watch the bride and her Pom squad friends perform a dance routine on the dance floor. The bride and groom share a hug and kiss as guests dance and clap around them. Two guests dance, laugh, and clap together on the dance floor. The groom does a funny dance move and other guests join and laugh. A bridesmaid pulls the tie of one of the groomsmen as they dance together. A groomsman sings loudly into the microphone as laughing guests surround him. The parents of the bride sit and dance on the floor of the ballroom and laugh together. The bride and groom hold hands in the air while they make their exit down the stairs as guests hold sparklers and watch. The bride and groom sit with each other at the head table of the ballroom.

How did you choose your venues: River Bend Church and Austin Country Club
I have always had my eye on the Smith Family Chapel at Riverbend. Ever since I lived in Austin, I dreamed of getting married in that chapel. It was beautiful, intimate, and a true depiction of the love that we have. It didn’t need a ton of decor because it was simply beautiful on its own. We chose Austin Country Club because it gave us a good vibe the minute we stepped in to see the space. It fit my vision and it seemed to flow with the Chapel and it was of course, convenient for our guests.

Describe your decor and how you chose it?
I wanted a timeless, classic, elegant and intimate decor. I wanted to be able to look back at my pictures and not be able to tell what year I got married. I chose simple white floral with orchids, peonies, and roses with candelabras and a ton of candles. I told my wedding coordinator that I wanted candles everywhere. I love candles! Of course, she took my vision and made it a more than perfect reality.

Tell me about your attire – who designed your dress and where did you buy it?
My dress was a beautiful lace, sweetheart neckline, fit and soft flare made my Casablanca Couture. It was a beautiful light champagne lining with ivory lace detail over the lining with a stunning jeweled belt that shimmered at every movement. It created a beautiful contrast that was a unique, but still classy and beautiful. I bought it from Geri at Alexia Gavela. I had the best experience wedding dress shopping and this was the first dress he put in my dressing room. He totally understood exactly what I pictured myself in.
What shoes did you choose and what jewelry did you wear?
I decided to splurge on my shoes and buy my first pair of Jimmy Choos! I bought a pair of strappy gold Jimmy Choos that I know I can wear in the future. Because I had a beautiful belt, I bought some sparkly layered teardrop diamond earrings and left out a necklace. The earrings and belt were enough to shine!

Who designed the bridesmaids dresses?
Because we went with a timeless, elegant look and feel, my bridesmaid’s dresses were classic black. They were made by The Dessy Group and it was a strapless, fitted, sweetheart neckline dress. They were perfect and all my bridesmaids looked beautiful!
And your groom – tell me about his look – who was his suit designer? Any other significant accessories?
Oh, he looked so handsome! He had a custom tuxedo made by Tom James and it was classic black with a white shirt and classic bow tie. He wanted the tux to be traditional but trim fitting. He went the sleek route with the pocket square and left out the cumber bun and no boutonniere. He wanted to channel his inner James Bond.

Why did you choose me, Jenny, to be your wedding photographer?
Jenny was recommended by my wedding coordinator. When I went to interview Jenny, she totally understood the importance of the classic and timeless feel to me, and her work just seemed to fit perfectly with what I wanted my wedding pictures to look like. I know I can look back years from now and the images will still be beautiful and classic. We also connected personality wise as she was very easy to get along with and made me feel like it was all about me!

What was one of your favorite moments from your wedding day?
Wow, I had so many! It was truly the most perfect day from start to finish. From spending the day with my girls, to seeing my husband down the aisle, the PERFECT ceremony performed by my Pastor from growing up, taking our vows, to our intimate time together in our ballroom by ourselves before our guests came in, to our first dance, to celebrating and dancing the night away with our families and friends… It was beyond perfect. I am not sure I have one favorite moment because it was ALL incredible.

What was your favorite image from your wedding day?
Another one I can’t decide on because I loved them all. There is one picture from our ceremony that was captured when we were lighting our unity candle that is so special. I love all the ones from the golf course and then our first dance. I also loved our intimate pictures where we are sitting at our head table before the guests were allowed into the ballroom.

Did any of your other vendors go above and beyond for you?
I feel like we had the best vendors and that was all due to our wedding coordinator, Gina Whittington! She made the process so easy and simple and we just loved every single one of our vendors. From the photographer, videographer, hair and makeup ladies to the lighting vendor and florist, cake, etc. We just had an outstanding experience with all of them! Gina is the best!

Do you have any tips to share with other couples?
The advice I would have is to make the day what you want it to be and always remember the foundation of the day. You are starting your story and your chapter together. Don’t get caught up in the details, but enjoy the process and make it everything you want it to be, while also remembering that it is all about the two of you!


Special thanks to:

Event Coordinator and Designer: The Whitt Experience, Gina Whittington

Ceremony venue: Smith Family Chapel

Reception venue: Austin Country Club

Cake: Simon Lee

Rentals: Marquee
Lighting: FILO
Hairstylist: Mandy Silver
Makeup Artist: Avery Allen
Florist: Mereveille
Videographer: Crescent Video
Ceremony Musicians: Barton Strings
Band: Ice House