Modern, Geometric Wedding at Prospect House

February 2, 2017

Grooms cuddle beneath the string heart sculpture that their friends installed. Groom and friend style their hair before the wedding. Groom and friends share a laugh while getting ready for the wedding. Groom writes his vows before the wedding. Groom gets a pep talk from a friend before the wedding. Groom and friends share a laugh while getting ready for the wedding. Prospect-House-Wedding-1007 Detail of wedding programs. Detail of reception tables. Detail of custom string art table number. Groom shares a laugh with a friend before the wedding. Grooms laughing at a photo with a friend before the wedding. Groom and friend embrace before the wedding. A friend helps the groom with his tie before the wedding. Groom watches looking on in the mirror as his friend helps him with his tie. A friend helps the groom fix his hair. Maid of honor and groom embrace before the wedding. Grooms holding hand with their backs together before the first look. Grooms turn around and see each other for the first time. Grooms share an emotional moment before the wedding. Grooms embrace during first look. Grooms check each other out during first look. Grooms hold hands and hug during first look. Grooms embrace before the wedding. Portrait of grooms walking through a field in Hill Country. Grooms meet to walk each other down the aisle. Grooms holding hands while walking down the aisle. Grooms hold hands during their wedding ceremony. One groom cries during wedding ceremony. One groom laughs during wedding ceremony. Tears of joy from a wedding guest. Grooms and wedding party during wedding ceremony. The first kiss! Grooms face their wedding guests after the ceremony. Grooms return down the aisle after the wedding ceremony. Grooms overcome with emotion after wedding ceremony. Soon after the Supreme Court allowed same-sex marriage, two grooms are overcome with joy to have their marriage certificate officially signed. Groom smiles with wedding party. Groom laughs with friends. The wedding party at Prospect House. The grooms cuddle after the ceremony at Prospect House. A sunset walk for the newlyweds. The grooms enter the wedding reception, hand in hand, for the first time as a married couple. The grooms give a speech. The first dance. The grooms twirl during the first dance. A groom dips his new husband during the first dance. The groom dances with his mother. The party has begun! The grooms raise a glass during a friend's speech. Maid of Honor makes a toast. The grooms nuzzle during toasts. Friends smile and look on during toasts. The grooms cut their beautiful cake! Guests dance during the reception. Striking a pose during wedding reception. Dancing during wedding reception. Smiling and dancing during a lively wedding party. Serious dance moves during reception. Friends vogue during wedding reception. Grooving to some favorite tunes during wedding reception. Striking a pose! Laughing and dancing during a lively wedding reception! A very happy groom lifts his arms during his wedding reception. Prospect-House-Wedding-1065

Grooms exit surrounded by friends and sparklers after a night of dancing. Grooms embrace in the back seat of their getaway car. A very blue night portrait of the grooms after their wedding. Grooms embrace during night portrait after their wedding reception.


Q. What are your day jobs?

A. Jeff is an attorney; Joel is a producer at an advertising agency


Q. Where did you both grow up?
A. Suburbs of Houston (Kingwood and Humble)



Q. How did you meet?
A. We were both involved with a local community theater as kids but at different times. We met at a reunion gala event where they had invited all of the alumni to come back and perform. The first time Jeff remembers meeting Joel, Joel was knitting a scarf in the dressing room backstage!



Q. Tell me about the proposal?
A. We’re Beyonce fiances!! Jeff arranged it all and surprised Joel. Jeff took Joel to the Beyonce tour in Brooklyn, and then afterward, we went for dessert at The Red Cat, the same restaurant where Jeff asked Joel to be his boyfriend (the second time) and where they had celebrated their anniversary every year since then. Jeff had the rings planted in advance, and by the time they made it to the restaurant, they were the only ones in the restaurant. Jeff tried to make it super romantic and get Joel to talk about what he remembered about their first time at Red Cat, but Joel couldn’t really remember anything! So Jeff just stood up, grabbed the rings from under the table, and got down on his knee. He said YES, there was lots of crying, and then our friends all came rushing in for a champagne toast 🙂



Q. Name a few places that are special to you. This could be a vacation, a concert, something you enjoy doing together locally, etc. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just someplace you have made memories together.
A. Joel’s favorite place is our first apartment in NYC together at 120 W. 120th Street. The Red Cat was where Jeff asked Joel to be his boyfriend, where we celebrated our anniversaries while we were still in New York, and where Jeff ultimately proposed. Jeff loves laying in Joel’s lap, getting his back and head scratched. For their very first date (the first time they dated), Joel set up a picnic on the dock outside his parents’ house and lined the dock with tea lights. It was SUPER romantic.


Special Thanks to the Vendor Team:

Wedding Planner: Gina Whittington, The WHITT Experience

Venue: Prospect House

Catering: Pappa’s

Baker: The Cake Plate

DJ: DJ Chino Casino

Linens: Marquee

Florist: Pollen

Officiant: Niko Palacios

Photo Booth: The Traveling Photo Booth

Transportation: Hill Country Charter and Limo

Exit Vehicle: Four Leaf Limo