Prospect House Wedding: Amy + Kent

May 8, 2017

The bride and groom walk together holding hands down a gravel road in a beautiful field. The invitations and rings for the wedding. The rings for the wedding and a beautiful seal enclosing the wedding invitation. The bride's gown and wedding day shoes. Side by side portrait shots of the bride and the groom. A landscape shot of the outside of Prospect House. A landscape shot of the site of the wedding ceremony decorated beautifully with flowers. An indoor seating area for guests. Framed pictures of the family of the bride and groom. Bridesmaids gather around the bride to see her in her gown and help with final touches. The bridesmaids hold up the wedding dress and help the bride put on her wedding day shoes. The mother of the bride puts jewelry on her daughter in preparation for the ceremony. The bride and groom have their first look and the bride walks up behind her to-be husband. The groom smiles and looks at the bride in her dress for their first look. The bride and groom hug at their first look before the wedding ceremony. A close up shot of the bride and groom laughing and smiling together on their wedding day. Two side by side portrait shots of the bride and groom before the ceremony. The bride surrounded by her five bridesmaids in beautiful purple gowns with flowers to match. The brides bouquet of flowers next to the bridesmaids bouquet of flowers. The groom and his five groomsmen. A side by side shot of the cake with purple flower detail and delicate finger food appetizers for the guests. A picture of the table with the cake and deserts for the evening. A side by side shot of the hors d'oeuvres being passed out for the guests. The main dining table with beautiful place settings and center pieces. A close up of the place settings at the main dining table complete with menu and name card. The chairs at the main dining room labeled for the bride and the groom. The bride and groom hold each other and smile at one another on their wedding day. Side by side portraits of the bride with her flower bouquet and the groom in his wedding attire. A black and white shot of the bride and groom walking together and talking before their wedding. A bridesmaid walks a dog on a leash down the aisle for the ceremony. Children walk down the aisle with signs in preparation of the bride and grooms arrival. The bride and her parents walk her down the aisle as all guests rise. A shot of the opening of the ceremony with the bride and the groom. The ceremony from behind with a view of the bride, groom, and guests. The bride smiles as the ceremony goes on. The bride and groom smile at the officiant as the ceremony takes place. The groom smiles with joy and laughter during the ceremony. The bride and groom raise their arms in excitement as they exit the wedding. The bride and groom walk down the aisle hand in hand as their first time as a married couple. A beautiful landscape night shot of the bride and groom holding hands and having a moment outside their reception at Prospect House. The bride and groom enter their reception to greet family and friends as a married couple. A black and white shot of the bride and groom holding each other at the reception. The bride and groom share their first dance. The bride and groom about to kiss at their dining table at dinner during the reception. The guests give a toast to the bride and groom and their laugh and listen together. The bride, groom, and bridesmaids laugh as guests give their toasts. The bride hugs one of her guests. A champagne toast being lifted up in celebration of the bride and groom. Cute little packages of sweets for the guests. The bride and groom cut the cake and laugh as guests gather to watch. The bride feeds a cake ball to a guest and laughs. The bride holds and hugs one of her bridesmaids as they laugh together. The bride and the guests dance and sing together. The bride and guests lift up their drinks for a toast. A guest dances and sings along to the band at the reception. Two guests dancing at the reception. The groom and his mother laugh and smile together at the reception. The groom and his mother hug. The bride and groom surrounded by their friends and family at the reception. The bride and groom dance and sing together as guests gather to dance and clap. The bride and groom exit the reception as guests gather with lighted sparklers to send them off. The bride and groom hugging in the field with the beautiful Austin sunset behind them at prospect house.

What are your day jobs?

Kent – Business at Software company, Amy – Marketing at Square

Where did you both grow up?

Kent – Dallas; Amy – Houston

How did you meet?

We met in NYC when Kent was visiting friends (he used to live there). Kent’s roommate went to school with Amy and they had many mutual friends before they met. Amy conveniently was flying to SF for work every week and they began dating semi-long distance.

Tell me about the proposal?

Kent had planned a “decoy” vacation for Amy – a trip to wine country with their dog Mochi. He built up the vacation so Amy thought that he would be proposing on that trip. Kent planned a camping trip a few weeks prior to that trip (Amy’s first time camping). After 12 miles of trekking, we arrived at a beach where we had a picnic. Amy was so exhausted that she passed out on the beach for four hours where Kent was able to run through the lines in his head. Since Amy never thought Kent would propose on a camping trip, she was surprised (and thrilled!)

Name a few places that are special to you. This could be a vacation, a concert, something you enjoy doing together locally, etc. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just someplace you have made memories together.

Banff (Amy’s 30th birthday gift to Kent was a surprise trip), Skiing in Tahoe, Taiwan (where our families are from)

When you can do anything you want to do, what do you do? 

We love being outdoors (skiing, hiking) and working out together (yoga, pilates)

What is your favorite music and/or songs that mean the most to you as a couple? A playlist of sorts would be great! And any stories are great too!

We’ve gone to Coachella together while dating and we love dancing + EDM!

What are your favorite foods/restaurants? 

Sushi is our favorite food. We love neighborhood joints where people know us.

Any pets? Tell me about them!

Amy had Mochi for 9 years before Kent officially adopted Mochi as his dog. He’s a 5 lb Maltese and will be in our wedding.

Anything else you would like for me to know?

We’re super goofy and have a ton of funny moments/inside jokes so we’d love our photos to be fun/playful.


Special thanks to the following:

Venue: Prospect House

Coordinator: Wild Sky Events

Caterer: Royal Fig

Florist: Exquisite Petals

Lounge Funiture: Loot Vintage

Cake: Sweet Treats Bakery

Videographer: Brad and Monica Wedding Films