Outdoor Wedding at The Four Seasons Hotel

June 19, 2017

Custom wedding invitations with white flowers.Detail image of the bride's shoes and dress before she got dressed for her big day.A bridesmaid helping the bride into her shoes before the first look.Outside portrait of the bride with her bouquet and dress all spread out.Candid shot of the groomsmen and groom getting ready and laughing before going to see the bride for the first look.Groomsmen helping each other get ready and tie their bowties before the wedding.The groom buttoning his cufflinks as he gets ready at the Four Seasons Hotel.The groom's colorful and wild socks.Groom talking and laughing with his father and grandfather on his wedding day.Portrait of the groom while he waits for the bride to finish up and anxiously awaits his first look.The groomsmen and groom all drinking champagne and joking around.The bride walking up for the big first look. The groom wits smiling at the thought of her.The groom looking absolutely overjoyed as he gets to see his beautiful bride for the first look. The grooms reaction during the first look is priceless.The bride fixing the grooms bowtie during the first look.The bride and groom smiling and laughing together during the first look.The groom hugging the bride smiling before the wedding when they first see each other.The groom helping the bride with her dress during the first look. The bride greeting her grandfather before the ceremony. Details on the Ketubah before the bride and groom go to sign it. The bride laughing and having fun with the flower girl.the bride and groom smiling at each other waiting to sign the Ketubah.The parents passing the Ketubah to their kids as a sign of responsibility for a new household.The parents passing the Ketubah to their children to sign.The bride and groom smiling after signing the Ketubah.Detail shot of the Huppah, Tallis, and Kiddish cup before the ceremony outside at the Four Seasons Hotel.The groom being escorted down the aisle by his parents.Bride walking down the aisle with her father to give her away on The Four Seasons lawn.The beginning of the ceremony under the Huppah.The bride smiling as the groom reads her his vows. The groom smiling at the bride as the Rabbi talks.Detail shot of the bride and groom holding hands during the ceremony.Bride and groom wrapped in the Tallis while the Rabbi blesses them.The groom breaking the Kiddish cup and the first kiss under the Huppah as a married couple.The bride and groom walking up the aisle as a married couple for the first time.Portrait session of the happy couple before the reception.Close up shot of the back of the brides dress and an intimate portrait of the couple at sunset.The groom carrying his new wife as she smiles and laughs.Portraits of the bride and groom dancing and enjoying time by themselves before the reception.Details from the wedding reception, cake, and food.The happy newlyweds walking together to the reception.The couple just having fun and enjoying time with the other before the reception during portraits.The first dance between the bride and groom outside under the festoon lights.The bride and groom greeting their friends and family at the reception.

An overhead shot of the reception party outside at the Four Seasons Hotel under the festoon lights.

The bride and groom during their first dance under the festoon lights on the Four Seasons lawn.

Guests testing during the reception celebrating the newlyweds.The brides parents giving a toast as the sunsets on the Four Seasons lawn outside.The bride and groom laughing at a toast during the reception.The bride giving a toast while laughing and smiling.The father daughter dance at the reception.A proud smiling father during the father daughter dance.The father of the bride doing a dip with the bride.The bride and groom cutting the cake.The bride smashing cake in the grooms face.The bride and groom laughing about cake everywhere.The bride partying with her friends at the reception.The bride laughing with her friends and the groom at the reception.The brides dad dancing with other wedding guest celebration his daughters big day.Some of the guest dancing and having fun during the wedding reception.Grooms grandmother dancing at the reception.The bride and groom during the Hora laughing.The bride with her friends after the Hora.More guests having fun during the reception.All the guys having fun with the groom joking around.The groom dancing with one of his groomsmen.the brides dad dancing with family and the groom during the reception.The groom dancing with the brides family.More pictures of the guests partying the night away.The bride joking around with a guest at the Four Seasons Hotel at the reception.Beautiful portrait of the bride and groom as the sunsets with her veil all spread out outside.

What were you inspired by while planning your wedding?

Lauren and Danny wanted to incorporate the natural beauty of Austin and Texas without the wedding feeling overtly rustic. We chose to incorporate succulents as a focal part of the wedding and integrating wildflowers so guests felt like they were escaping the everyday and entering a romantic garden. Having both the ceremony and dinner outside was extremely important to us, and the weather on the wedding day was extraordinary. Many weddings recently are very boho in feeling but I wanted a more natural garden setting that did not look too contrived or overgrown. Finding a balance was a great effort between the myself and the florist.

What were some of your favorite wedding day details?

One of the bride’s favorite wedding day details were the magnificent flower arrangements. I was very particular about the type of bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnieres. Our florist worked tirelessly to make sure all of the arrangements were as perfect as possible and made all of my dreams come true. Inside the reception area we also had beautiful lounge areas created by the wedding planner and her team which incorporated perfectly a comfortable and inviting vintage look. We know everyone enjoyed having a comfortable resting area that was conducive for conversation while still being close to the dance floor.

Did you have any DIY (aka Do it Yourself) details? If so, please share more about them below.

We had many specialized details like our invitations for the rehearsal dinner and wedding but no DIY things.

What would you say are some of your favorite wedding day memories?

Some favorite moments for the bride and groom on the wedding day were getting ready with our closest friends and family members. The biggest moment for both of us was our ‘first look’ when we were able to be alone and see each other for the first time ready to be married. Sharing this moment was extremely special for both of us and made the rest of the day a more relaxing experience.

What advice would you give to future couples planning their wedding?

Both of us think it is important to go into a wedding knowing what is important to all of the people involved in the planning process. If the bride and groom are the only members planning the wedding or making the budget this can be a little easier. But if you’re family is helping to plan or have specific opinions it will help to put all expectations out on the table first instead of being surprised by anything later in the planning process.

We love to hear any fun “how we met” and/or “how we got engaged” stories so feel free to share below if you’d like.

Danny and Lauren are two Texans lucky enough to have found each other in the chaotic city of New York. On a very cold winter evening five years ago, both Lauren and Danny were coincidentally with family members in the Upper West Side. Lauren was with a cousin who use to live in New York, and in town visiting while Danny was with his parents and sister. Out of nowhere, Lauren’s cousin starting running down the sidewalk and screaming with delight at a group of people standing on the corner. This turned out to be Danny and his family who knew Lauren’s cousin from growing up in Houston. To Lauren’s surprise she spotted the handsome Danny and later asked her cousin to give Danny her phone number. Danny called two weeks later to take Lauren out on a date and the rest is history.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your big day?

What made the wedding day the most eventful and wonderful was how excited each and every family member was to be at the wedding and feel the love we have for each other. Speaking to our closest family and friends on that day made us realize how blessed we are to have love and support behind our marriage.

We also love to give credit to all of the wonderful wedding vendors who make up your wedding day so please include your wedding day team below. Please note their company name and what services/products they provided.


Wedding Planner and Event Designer: Becky Brock and team at Brock + Co Events

Venue: Four Seasons Hotel

Photographer: Jenny DeMarco at Jenny DeMarco Photography

Florist: Wendee Sawran at Botanical No. 9

Lighting: FILO

Rentals: Whim

Ceremony Music: Barton Strings

Challah Bread: Sweetish Hill

Officiant: Rabbi Freedman

D.J: Jon Simon at DJ Gatsby

Hair: Brooke Michie and Jessica Gosh at Lyric Salon

Makeup: Colleen Briggs