Luxe floral wedding at Brazos Hall

May 1, 2018

Laura and Matt, after some careful consideration and a little dash of good advice, finally chose The Brazos Hall as their place to celebrate the big day. The two were originally going for a simple look, but once Laura saw the arrangements she knew that this space could be turned into her dream. The flowers and lighting intertwined into a breathtaking arrangement that hung above the table and spread around the entire Brazos Hall. From sparkly sneakers to dapper suits, the couple and venue looked the part for this night to remember. Dance moves, laughs, and the biggest smiles filled the space and celebrated the marriage of two of the most joyful humans. The Miner’s left in a yellow bright taxi as always, in style.

Q. How did you choose your venues: St. John Newman and Brazos Hall?

We actually really wanted to have our wedding at St. Ignatius where we are parishioners, but the date we? wanted was already taken. We started looking and visiting other churches and tried to figure out which?one was a good fit for us. When we visited St. John Newman and met with the people there, we knew it?was the perfect fit!! The church is so beautiful and the people were so wonderful that everything just fell? into place.We knew we wanted Brazos Hall after researching lots of different venues. It is such a blank canvas that? we knew it would be so fun to create our own reception space! Also, my sister Jamie and her husband?looked at Brazos Hall when they were planning their wedding. They didn’t end up choosing Brazos, but ?recommended it to us and we LOVED it!

Q. Describe your decor and how you chose it??

Well, when we first started out we really didn’t want TOO many flowers at the reception….HAH that didn’t?last long. Once we started looking up pictures of really beautiful flower décor, we fell in love with the?flower scene! We wanted to have two WOW factor pieces over the head tables that created a beautiful? garden/romantic feeling and it went from there. Matt and I weren’t the best at being decisive about our?décor so our wedding planner Johnell Huebner truly was a godsend to us! She was so wonderful at giving? us options and finding out what we loved.

Q. Tell me about your attire – who designed your dress and where did you buy it?

I bought my dress from a boutique in Houston called Joan Pillow. My designer was Monique Lhuillier.?What shoes did you choose and what jewelry did you wear??I wore Jimmy Choo sparkly heels for the ceremony. For the reception, I changed into some amazing? sparkly rainbow Christian Louboutin high tops. My sister, Jamie Wissinger, wore a pair of Louboutin ?sneakers for her reception, and I couldn’t resist following in her footsteps .?For jewelry, I went with what I wear daily because those pieces are so important to me. My family loves?jewelry that has pearls. They mean a lot to the girls in my family so I thought it was fitting that that’s what I? stuck with for the wedding. I wore David Yurman pearl earrings and a bracelet that match my mom, sister,?and sister-in-law. I wore a necklace that Matt had given me for Valentine’s Day the year before that match? my earrings and bracelet perfectly.

Q. Tell me about your Groom’s look – who was his suit designer? Any other significant?accessories??

Oh boy! Matt really loves suits and dressing up so he really went all out for the wedding and he looked? quite dapper!? The suit was designed by Armani.?Shirt by Eton.? Shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo.? Studs and Cuffs by David Yurman.? Bracelets by David Yurman? Watch by Burberry

Q. Why did you choose me, Jenny, to be your wedding photographer??

First, we were talking with our wedding planner and she recommended you!! We looked through your? website and pictures you had taken and LOVED your style. I then realized you actually shot a wedding for? a girl that I knew! I ran into her one night and asked her how it went and she just raved about you. I already? knew we were going to go with you, but that really solidified it! I am so glad we did because we absolutely ?love our pictures!

Q. What was one of your favorite moments from your wedding day??

This one is a hard one for me because I had the most amazing day. From getting ready with my girls, saying I do to? the love of my life, and partying all night, gosh it’s so hard to pick. If I had to pick one favorite moment, it would be? my first dance with Matt. We had such a fun time going to dance lessons, practicing on the St. Edward’s gym floor,?and laughing about how many times we could possibly mess up. Once the time finally came where it was time to ?dance, I didn’t even think about any of that. I was so happy dancing the first time as Mrs. Miner that all I could do? was smile so big my cheeks hurt. Obviously, we nailed our first dance and everything turned out so wonderfully ?that literally after the dance I jumped up and down. It was perfect!

Q. What was your favorite image from your wedding day?

One of my favorite images from the wedding day was the one of Matt and I had our private dinner on the dance?floor before the reception. That quiet time alone was incredible. We got to look around the venue just the two of? us and really take it all in. It was such a quiet and intimate moment on such a crazy busy day!

Q. Did any of your other vendors go above and beyond for you?
Johnell Heubner was the greatest wedding planner we could’ve ever asked for. She really did go above? and beyond for us. Whatever crazy question we had, she was always there to answer and got the job? done. Not only is she amazing at her job, but she is just a wonderful human overall! We really loved her.?David Kurio is another vendor that comes right to my mind. His. Work. Is. Amazing. He worked through?our vision with us and made our space look exactly how we wanted it to. He made floral arrangements? and hanging masterpieces that I didn’t think were possible. He went above and beyond and was so fun to? work with.

Q. Do you have any tips to share with other couples??

Don’t sweat the small stuff!!! We had so much fun wedding planning together and tried our ?best to have every single thing perfect. But when it came to the wedding day, it’s all about you?and who you are marrying. There were some things at the reception that I didn’t even see? because I was having so much fun with Matt and our family and friends. Don’t get frustrated? with the small stuff when it comes to wedding planning. Eenie meenie miney moe on the forks ?because at the end of the day, that’s not what it’s about! Oh, and take dance lessons, even if? you don’t think you need it! That’s just a fun experience for you and your fiancé!

Wedding Coordinator: Johnell Huebner with Clearly Classy Events
Getting Ready Venue: JW Marriot Hotel
Ceremony: St. Neuman’s Catholic Church
Reception: Brazos Hall
Cake: Simon Lee Bakery
Caterer: Crave Catering
Band: Drywater Band
Florists: David Kurio
Lighting: FILO
Band: Drywater Band
Stationary: Inviting Pear