June 20, 2018

a special wreath hangs from the door of the grooms home in Austinan elegant shot of the details of the gorgeous invitationAvery beamed in a classic bridal cut that wowed with a bigger-than-life bow in the backbridal party laughs as they get ready for the big daya beautiful black and white shot of the bridesmaids awaiting to see their frienda beautiful shot of the father of the bride bringing in her dresseach bridesmaid reads her handwritten letter before seeing the bridethe stunning bride poses before she gets into her one of a kind gownthe brides sister helps to button up her one of a kind gownthe bridesmaids surround their friend in excitementthe wedding party watches from the gorgeous terrace abovethe bride and groom share a precious first look at the historic barr mansionthe bride and groom stand in front of the beautiful white mansion during their first lookthe couple strolls through the beautiful front lawn in a beautiful pre wedding shot an elegant and timeless black and white first look shot the wedding party cheers in excitement for the wedding the party begins in the barr mansion wedding the bride and her stunning bridesmaids pose for a beautiful shot in front of the barr mansion a colorful pre wedding shoot in front of the historic mansionthe groom and mother smile as they walk down the islethe father of the groom hugs his son in a touching shotcheerful children await to see the beautiful bridethe flower girl walks beautifully down the islethe bride walks to the love of her life with her parents by her sidethe brides parents walk her down the lawn of barr mansionthe father of the bride gives her awaylast minute veil fixing before the brides walks down the islea wide shot of the beautiful barr mansion lawn weddingthe maid of honor reads a passage before the bride arrivesthe bride and groom meet at the alter of the historic barr mansionthe bridesmaids watch their best friend marry the love of her lifethe bride and the groom share vows during the beautiful barr mansion ceremony the married couple share a kiss after the beautiful ceremony the bride and groom walk away from the alter happily in lovethe maid of honor cheers on the happy couple the colorful spring flower arrangements of the historic barr mansion wedding details make all the difference in this barr mansion weddingthe colorful details of this elegant hill country weddingthe seats of the wedding party covered with beautiful flowersa beautiful bouquet if red and pink flowers cover the entrance ice sculptures with beautiful flowers inside the elegant but playful setting of the tablethe front of the beautiful barr mansion reception the bride and groom arrive at the reception in austinkids play at this fun and playful wedding shotlaughs and smiles are shared between friendsthe typewriter rodeo creates sweet poems for wedding gueststhe father of the bride prepares a sweet toast for the couplethe guests share dinner in conversation in the beautiful barr mansionthe bride and groom share cake at the reception the beautiful light lit exterior of the barr mansion the bride and groom enter the wedding through a tunnel of loved onesa sweet first dance moment is shared in the barr mansionthe bride and groom share a classic and lovely first dance the parents watch their children dance at the elegant receptionthe bride and groom in a beautiful black and white shotthe groom dips her in a playful and sweet first dance the bride dances with her father in the ballroom of the barr mansiona father daughter dance in the ballroom of the barr mansionthe mother and groom hug in the ballroom of the barr mansionin10city plays at the barr mansion weddingthe wedding party dances to in10citythe best man breaks it down in the historic ballroom the wedding party dances to in10citymusic and dancing call for an amazing wedding at the barr mansion the bride and best man share a lovely moment in fun wedding shotthe bride is lifted up and danced around at barr mansion weddingthe grooms father is dancing around in the black and white wedding shota fun moment is shared in the reception at the barr mansionthe best man rips his pants at the barr mansionin10city plays at the reception of fun barr mansion wedding the ballroom gives way for lots of fun on the dancefloorparty guests dance in fun and playful wedding shotthe groom kisses the bride at the timeless barr mansion wedding the beautiful couple leave their timeless wedding at the barr mansion property

Avery and Kyle began their journey in college as they became friends in a Metamorphosis class. Just like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, soon did they realize that this friendship was  developing into something new and extraordinary as well. Kyle and Avery are exciting and spontaneous, and this showed through their wedding at The Bar Mansion. They took each of their passions and tied them into the event in a unique and surprising way. Avery has always been drawn to art and this was shown through the breathtaking floral canopy and arrangements, along with the floral ice sculptures inspired by the Japanese Botanical sculptor, Makoto Azuma. Avery and Kyle surprised guests with everything from fortunetellers to cigar rollers, and as a special tribute to their majors in English, even had personalized poems written to guests by the poets of the Type Writer Rodeo. The beginning of their story together was also paid tribute to, during the ceremony, as on of their best friends read aloud a passage from The Velveteen Rabbit. This couple tied the knot in a place that was true to them, southern but with a modern twist. This charismatic couple lead the guests through their journey with food as well, from a beer bar to ending the night with milk and cookies, Avery and Kyle told their love story to old friends and new. Just as any great story comes to a close the night ended as the couple traveled through a twinkling tunnel of sparklers and on to the next adventure.


Q. What are your day jobs?

7th Grade Math Teacher, Product Manager at Amazon

Q. Where did you both grow up?

Austin, Sammamish

Q. How did you meet?

Me and Kyle met through becoming friends in a Metamorphosis class.

Q. Tell me about the proposal?

At the Standard in the East Village in New York, He had gotten our favorite meal from our favorite restaurant, had to convince them as they don’t do take out. Lined the hotel hallway with my favorite flowers.

Q. Name a few places that are special to you.

Vanderbilt. Upstate is a small seafood restaurant we love. Montauk in the winter- we used to go up there when it was completely deserted to escape the city. Comedy Cellar, Grammercy Tavern, Austin City Limits.

Q. When you can do anything you want to do, what do you do?

We are big readers and wine drinkers. We love cooking and good food.We like to explore and being outside on beautiful days. I like to foster puppies and kittens , we like to travel to nearby places and have staycations. An hour upstate etc. and we love to hang out with our friends and Kyle loves the Seattle Seahawks

Q. What is your favorite music and/or songs that mean the most to you as a couple?

Remix to Ignition- because I always drunkenly request it.
Van Morrison has special meaning to us
Kyle loves Bob Dylan
Our first dance will be ” I can tell that we are gonna be friends” but the white stripes

Q. What are your favorite foods/restaurants?

We love pasta and pizza but we love to try it all. I love love love sushi and Kyle loves bread and butter. We are tryyyyiinngg to be healthier and eat less sugar but on the weekends we always treat ourselves .

Q. Any pets?

We have a kitty named Mouse who I got when I moved to the city. She is sassy but very loving and she loves to make forts out of Kyles shirts. I am currently fostering a little puppy named Alfy who is very sweet and wants to be friends with Mouse but she wants nothing to do with him.

Q. Anything else you would like for me to know?

I love story telling- the Moth is my favorite thing to attend in NYC – also podcasts. I also love true crime. Kyle loves football, Proust, and being up to date on everything going on in the world. He loves knowing about wine. I love animals and teaching and my students. We are always surrounded by wonderful people and are both so so so lucky!

Venue — Barr Mansion
Officiant — Lucy Nazro
Event planning + design — Brock + Co. Events
Photographer — Jenny DeMarco
Cakes — Polkadots
Florist — Westbank Floral
Tents/Rents — Whim Hospitality
Rentals — Premiere Rents
Lighting — FILO Productions
Band — In10City
Ceremony/Dinner Music — Hill Country Strings
Cocktail hour music — Elizabeth McQueen
Hair — Lipservice XO
Makeup — Denise Vasquez
Specialty linens — LaTavola Fine Linen
Lounge/bars/stage decor — Townsley Designs
Alcohol — Spec’s
Transportation — Transportation Consultants
Specialty vendor — Typewriter Rodeo
Cigar Roller — Bobalu
Photobooth — Silver Cloud
Palm Reader + psychic — Joe Nichols
Late Night Snack — P.Terry’s (burgers) + Barr Mansion (cookies)
Dance Floor — Mike’s Dance Floors
Ice sculptures — Full Spectrum